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It’s All About the Vegetables: 3 Veggie-centric Recipes

It's All About the Vegetables: 3 Veggie-centric Recipes

This month I have been packing in as many veggies as possible into my recipes. Cheryl has loved these veggie-centric recipes and even ate them without any complaints! I wanted to do a mini roundup of  3 of my new favorites in case you missed them. What was your favorite recipe this month? Let me … [Go to Full Post...]

Creamy Vegetable-based Vegan Cheese Sauce

Creamy Vegetable-based Vegan Cheese Sauce

This crazy weather has me craving comfort food. It was 9 degrees not so long ago and they say we're about to get more snow tomorrow. I live in North Carolina not Minnesota! I'm determined to get through this winter with some pasta tossed with my new Creamy Vegetable-based Vegan Cheese Sauce. This … [Go to Full Post...]

Peppermint Puppy Cookies

Peppermint Puppy Cookies from OATrageous Oatmeals | Healthy Slow Cooking

  Since last week's dog cookie recipe was so popular I thought I'd give you another one this week! This time it's one of my puppies all time favorites, Peppermint Puppy Cookies. I do have to admit that any cookie I bake for my dogs becomes their new favorite, but I love this recipe from my … [Go to Full Post...]

4 Super Easy Vegan Indian Recipes

4 Super Easy Vegan Indian Recipes

Happy Saturday everyone! I’ve got 4 easy vegan Indian recipes to keep you warm over this chilly weekend. Plus most can be made in the slow cooker.  Don't worry though, there are also some you can make as soon as you open the recipe in your browser. There's even an oatmeal for your Sunday … [Go to Full Post...]

Italian Slow Cooker Cranberry Bean Soup with Greens

Italian Slow Cooker Cranberry Bean Soup with Greens

In my ideal world, I'd eat soup every single day. In fact, I have soup pretty often during the week for lunch. Cheryl isn't a huge soup person, but even she feels full after a bowl of this Slow Cooker Cranberry Bean Soup. I used veggies I had on hand already: sweet potatoes, celery, onion and … [Go to Full Post...]

Make Your Own Banana Flax Vegan Dog Biscuits

DIY Banana Flax Dog Biscuits | Healthy Slow Cooking

When the weather is icky it's not just you that's bored. Perk up your pups by making them some of these vegan dog biscuits. Who knows, you might even be able to teach them a few new tricks. Making dog cookies is pretty much like making people cookies. You use the best ingredients that you … [Go to Full Post...]

Slow Cooker Vegan Bolognese

Slow Cooker Vegan Bolognese with Cauliflower, Eggplant, Mushrooms and Carrots |

The new wave of cold weather has me craving a hearty pasta sauce. I've also been working hard in 2015 to sneak extra veggies in Cheryl. This Slow Cooker Vegan Bolognese is easy to make and gets ton of veggies in your picky eater without a fight. Saturday is the perfect day for slow cooking. Life … [Go to Full Post...]

Heartbreaker Rose Syrup Cocktail

Heartbreaker Rose Syrup Tequila Cocktail for Valentine's Day

Finally, I got into the mood to make a recipe for Valentines Day. I went back to my favorite floral flavor - roses. This time I use it in a Rose Syrup Cocktail.  You can leave out the tequila if you don't imbibe, and have a few ways for you to make your own rose syrup. This jar of Wild Hibiscus … [Go to Full Post...]

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