1. I can’t wait to try this recipe! One of my favourite chocolate desserts would have to be a triple chocolate cheesecake, delicious!

  2. I make a chocolate pie with silken tofu that my husband refers to as “Crack Pie”. It’s pretty darn delicious!

  3. Most certainly the chocolate marshmallow bars my grandma makes with graham crackers at the bottom and coconut shavings on top….drooling just thinking about them!!

  4. My favorite chocolate dessert? There has to be a favorite?? How about ANY of them? ;D I love chocolate cake, brownies, fudge, even just Trader Joe’s non-dairy semi-sweet chocolate chips right out of the bag.

  5. Unapologetically hoping to win this delectable-looking cookbook! Love your website, Kathy! You showed me how to use my slow cooker for so many things. Thanks!

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