New Book Updates and a Mint Mango Lassi

New Book Updates and a Mint Mango Lassi

I know you’re not supposed to apologize about not blogging, so instead of making that faux pas, I offer you a cute picture of my dog Brenna.

In this picture she’s trying to put her mind meld on me and saying, “What do you mean we can’t go for a walk tonight?”. She’s ready for me to be done with my new books and get back to a normal schedule. But she’d like me to turn into a stay at home doggie Mom so she can sleep on the deck all morning. Being the super smart dog she is, she knows that writing is a big part of making that happen in the future.

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New Book Updates and a Mint Mango Lassi
The good news is, my second book has been turned in to the publisher, and will now start its long editing process. My testers were even more amazing this time and I couldn’t be more grateful to them.

The other good news is that I am working on a tight deadline for my third book. The only bad part of making these books so close together is I don’t have as many recipes to blog about while I’m doing development on recipes for the books.

With that said, I have a few recipes in the works for the blog that I’ll be posting. Soon I’ll be able to post some recipes from both books for you so you can get a feel for each book.

Let’s just say you’ll find tons of bean recipes in the second book and you can use those beautiful heirloom beans in many of them. (With cheaper substitutions, as well as modifications, for just about everyone.)

Yes, all the pictures are taken from the deck in my new house. That’s where I’ll be writing all through fall too! Now onto the recipe I promised you…

New Book Updates and a Mint Mango Lassi

If you need a way to use up all that mint laying around and just happen to have a mango around, put them both to work on cooling you down in this tasty drink. I have it in the morning and call it breakfast!

What is lemon verbena and why should you add it to your drink? It’s a shrub-like herb that has a strong lemon aroma and taste. A little goes a long way, but it’s wonderful if you don’t have a lemon on hand, and makes a mean tea too. Lemon balm or even lemon basil would add a similar lemon flavor too.

New Book Updates and a Mint Mango Lassi

Lemon Verbena

Don’t forget to friend me over at Key Ingredient! See what recipes I’m posting there as well as other people’s that I want to try.


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    I’ve been bad about blogging lately and I wish I had a good excuse like yours! Can’t wait to hear more about BOTH your new books! Congrats :)

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