Sweet and Sour Red Cabbage Made Fast in Your Instant Pot

Serves 4 servings     adjust servings

This is the dish that I've used to get cabbage haters to try - and like - cabbage for the very first time. The sweetness of the applesauce and the tang from the vinegar turns plain cabbage into something you can eat by the bowlful.


    Saute Ingredients

    • 1 tablespoon (14 g) mild oil (or broth to make oil-free)
    • 1/2 cup (80 g) minced onion
    • 4 cloves garlic, minced

    Pressure Cooker Ingredients

    • 6 cups (534 g) chopped cabbage
    • 1 cup (237 ml) water
    • 1 cup (244 g) applesauce
    • 1 tablespoon (15 g) apple cider vinegar
    • salt and pepper, to taste


    1. Use the sauté setting over normal, or medium heat, and heat the oil or broth. Saute the onion until they become transparent. Then add the garlic and sauté a minute more.
    2. Add the pressure cooker ingredients listed above and put the lid on and make sure that the vent is sealed. Cook on manual setting at high pressure and set for 10 minutes.
    3. Carefully move the pressure valve to release the pressure manually.


    Recipe Notes

    Feel free to use less applesauce or more apple cider vinegar to make this dish less sweet and more sour.
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