4 Winter Warming Recipes from The Great Vegan Bean Book


It got cold fast where I live and from the looks of it most everywhere else too. Here are a few recipes that will warm you up when you come in from the cold from The Great Vegan Bean Book. Or better yet, my plan is not to leave the house today at all! First […]

Lots of Beans and Grains Slow Cooker Chili

Beans + Grains = hearty vegan chili!

Chili is one of my favorite staples. I’m sure it comes as no surprise since it’s a stew and brown – two of my favorites when it comes to slow cooker dinners. Well, maybe some of my favorite foods just happen to be brown… Of course, it’s great as is or with a sprinkle of […]

Thai Coconut Tongue of Fire Soup from The Great Vegan Bean Book

Tongue of Fire Soup from The Great Vegan Bean Book

This creamy soup is full of Thai flavor. Lemongrass, lime, coconut milk, ginger and cilantro elevate this soup to an exotic treat. The tongue of fire in the title refers to a variety of heirloom beans with that name, which have a meaty mouthfeel and an undertone of spice in them. They are firm like […]

Enchanted Vanilla Pancakes with Chai-spiced Peach Compote


I seem to have made Fridays my “what’s for brunch” posting day. Honesty, I start thinking about weekend brunch on the deck about Wednesday. You have to admit it’s something luxurious to look forward to that’s easy to pull off.  Some days it may be too hot or cold to eat on the deck but […]

Bean Book at iBookstore


Lucky me! The Great Vegan Bean Book is being featured in the iBookstore all week!. Take a peek by going to books in your iTunes and going to cookbooks or look at it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/the-great-vegan-bean-book/id648330554?mt=11 You can use it on an iPad or iPhone. (If you have a different device just look on the right sidebar to find […]

Vanilla Rosewater Parfaits From The Great Vegan Bean Book Blog Tour

Rosewater Parfait from The Great Vegan Bean Book

Jamie K of Save the Kales  joins the blog tour with one of my favorite recipes, Vanilla and Rosewater Parfaits. This is what Jamie has to say about this unusual dessert – You’d never think this gorgeous, fluffy parfait is a protein powerhouse made with beans, so your mind is about to be blown. Plus you […]

Red Bean-Filled Muffins From The Great Vegan Bean Book Blog Tour


Kristin Jewell of Shelfishness.com  joins the blog tour with the recipe for Red Bean-Filled Muffins or Baked Donuts. She blogs about music, books and throws in some recipes too! Red bean paste is just aduzuki beans cooked into mush with sugar. You could sub a different sweetener, but you would need to do it to […]

Four Layer Bean Dip From The Great Vegan Bean Book Blog Tour


July 1st takes us to one of my favorite people. She’s a great blogger and everyone I run into seems to be talking about one of her super-creative gluten-free vegan recipes. She blows my mind constantly. So who the heck is it? Why Cara Reed of Fork and Beans, of course! Being a good-natured gal, […]

Black Bean Fudgesicles From The Great Vegan Bean Book Blog Tour


Cara of Cara’sCravings.com has a special spot in my heart because she was the first person to review The Vegan Slow Cooker. It doesn’t hurt that her photos and recipes are top notch too. Cara is sharing the recipe for one of my most unique recipes from The Great Vegan Bean Book – the Black […]

iBookstore Ebook Giveaway!


Did you know that you can get The Great Vegan Bean Book in many different ebook formats? You can even ask your library to get it in ebook format too! (hint, hint…) I’ve been buying ebook cookbooks for a few years now and love having my ipad set up in the kitchen. Cheryl got me […]