Winter CSA: Slow Cooker Asian Corn Cabbage Soup


Winter CSAs are definitely an adventure. It’s an all you can eat wonderland of kale, chard, bok choy, cabbage, tatsoi, collards and even more healthy green veggies. Of course beets, lettuce, carrots, and even cauliflower are peppered into the mix too. We didn’t get a CSA the week we got back from vacation, so I innocently bought a […]

Vegan Autumn Lentil Soup


This soup started with the gorgeous lentils above. I found them in a bulk bin at Whole Foods and fell in love. I knew that the red lentils wouldn’t stay red, but I had decided that the mixture would still look like autumn leaves after being cooked. Wrong! I also added these beautiful purple potatoes […]

Vegan Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chick’n Chowder

Vegan Slow Cooker Pumpkin Chick’n Chowder

I’m so excited! My book, The Vegan Slow Cooker, was released early and many people who pre-ordered at Amazon will get theirs this week! This soup was pretty much an accident. I had no intention of adding pumpkin to my new chick’n chowder. However, I freeze my puréed pumpkin in ice cubes just like I […]

Peek Inside The Vegan Slow Cooker – Simmering Soups

hot and sour

Here’s another teaser from The Vegan Slow Cooker. It’s available for pre-order, but it doesn’t come out until October 1. Soups are amazing. Ranging from light, brothy soups to a hearty Hungarian Mushroom Soup that’s thick and rich with cashew cream. No matter what the season, there’s a soup that’s perfect for it. Summer wants chilled […]

More Soup Love – Mushroom Barley Soup


I can’t get off my soup streak. Cheap, full of nutrition, warming – what more can you ask from a one pot meal? I’m working on using up things that I already have on hand. It’s economical and makes it easy to throw together I’ve found a ton of yummy whole grains in the pantry, […]

Slow Cooker Veggie Soup with Turnips


This is a perfect soup to come home from on a chilly night. I served mine with a pea shoot salad – yum!  Turnips seem to get a bad rap, but they’re in season and full of vitamin C. If you’ve had a not-so-good turnip experience in the past try them again in 2011. Get […]

Slow Cooker Beyond Easy Veggie Soup


Some days I only have 10 minutes  to start some in the slow cooker before I rush off to work. This is a soup that you can make no matter what veggies you have on hand. I also keep a few bags of frozen veggies that I can use in a pinch. After all a healthy soup […]

Slow Cooker Bunch of Beans Soup


You can get bean mixes at any supermarket. Many bags of mixed beans have a ham seasoning packet in them. Sometimes they are labeled as if they have meat in them, but they don’t. Just discard the powder ham packet and get to cooking some vegetarian soup! I use one of my favorite ingredients in this recipe – Garlic Tabasco. It’s not […]

Slow Cooker Meatless Tortilla Soup


I love tortilla soup and it’s hard to find a good vegetarian version when you’re out. So this is just another excuse to stay in and save some more money. Serve it with a salad topped with black beans, green chilies, and salsa to make a complete meal. Slow Cooker Meatless Tortilla Soup (*gluten-free) Prep time: 15 […]

Slow Cooker Smokey Split Pea Soup


This recipe is so easy that you can fit it into your schedule, no matter how busy you are. The great things about using a slow cooker is you put in about 15 minutes at night to prep for the morning where you put about in 10 more minutes. That takes less time than driving to a […]