Slow Cooker Orange Carrot Cake with So Delicious “Icing”

carrot cake oats

So for the first time in my brief, but intense, oatmeal career I am asking you to do something different from the picture. My vanilla Greek yogurt has met a sad demise and I didn’t know until this morning. (Feel free to leave your sympathy posts here.) So I used what I had on hand – Pina Colada regular […]

Slow Cooker Creamsicle Oatmeal – Orange Vanilla Goodness


Welcome to day 2 of love your oatmeal week! The taste of orange and vanilla together bring back childhood memories of hot summer afternoons. You can almost feel the sticky on your hands from your melted push-up if you close your eyes. Why did those things always leak anyhow? Creamsicle Oatmeal 2 to 3 servings **This […]