Make Your Own Evaporated Milk


If you’ve ever tried veganizing a recipe, you may have been stumped on what to use instead of evaporated milk. Using your trusty 1 1/2 quart slow cooker you can make it yourself! I used So Delicious’ unsweetened coconut milk (found in the refrigerated section). If you use a thinner milk, such as rice milk, it may take […]

Slow Cooker Beyond Easy Faux Mashed Potatoes


On my eating plan there is no white potatoes for 3 months. After that I can have them once a week, which is plenty. I miss my chili potato, but bean chili goes great over sweet potatoes too! In the winter it’s fairly hard to give up mashed potatoes so I came up with this compromise. […]

Slow Cooker Cream-less Potato Soup


This is one of my favorite comfort foods to make. It’s great when you don’t feel good, or if it’s just chilly outside.  Most potato soups you get out have heavy cream and butter which can mess up  your eating plan quick. This recipe has all the comfort and none of the fat or cholesterol. And […]