Tips on Picking Out a Slow Cooker That’s Right For You


One of the things I get asked is what slow cooker should I buy. I have my favorites which I’m happy to recommend, but there are a few questions you need to ask yourself to determine what’s best for you. How many people are you cooking for? 4 quart will feed 2 and have leftovers […]

Slow Cooker Earl Grey Oatmeal with a touch of Rosewater


I got the rosewater awhile ago, so it was about time for me to make an oatmeal with it. I love how the rose taste goes perfectly with the bergamot in the Earl Grey tea. I know the picture doesn’t show much, but all the tasty goodness is inside – I promise! I garnished it with chopped […]

Slow Cooker Red Bean (Adzuki) Oatmeal


This has a taste similar to red bean ice cream. I added a little extra sweetener for this one since I needed it to give it a sweeter feel. If you (or anyone you live with) is a more traditional eater, adding the candied ginger makes it taste less beany. But if you like red […]

Slow Cooker Irish Piña Colada Oatmeal – It’s Green and Tastes Great Too!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I know I’m a day early, but I wanted to share this oatmeal with you so you can make it on St. Patrick’s for your family. There’s no denying that it’s green enough and there’s no artificial color to be found. The secret ingredient is spinach. Where did the Irish/piña colada connection come from? I knew […]