Slow Cooker Snickers Oatmeal – the Oatmeal of Cheryl’s Birthday


This slow cooker oatmeal has a base of vanilla yogurt layered with almond butter nougat and topped with chopped peanuts and chocolate chips. Feel free to drizzle some brown rice syrup or agave to mimic caramel.

Happy Sunday and a Link to Chocolate Raspberry Brownie Oatmeal


This morning Amy Butler of The Grody Gourmet emailed me letting me know that she came up with an inspired oatmeal too. It sounds super tasty and I didn’t want any of you to miss out on it. After all it could be your cheery breakfast tomorrow morning.

German Chocolate Cake Oatmeal – The Oatmeal of Incentive


It’s day 7 of love your oatmeal week! This has some elements of the Almond Joy oatmeal, but this time we’ll be topping our oatmeal with a decadent pecan, coconut, caramel ‘icing’. If you need to have a lower key (or calorie)  breakfast just sweeten with your favorite sweetener and top with chopped pecans and coconut. I wasn’t feeling […]

Slow Cooker Chocolate Oatmeal


For Valentine’s day I wasn’t sure what to get for my other half. We are off of sugar, so no chocolate hearts for us this year.  So I got creative and made us bowls of chocolate oatmeal. Trust me it tastes way better than it sounds! Slow Cooker Chocolate Oatmeal (*gluten-free) serves 2 – 3 Use […]

Slow Cooker Black Bean Brownies (Gluten-free)


I can’t have wheat for another month and while I can have a small amount of sugar I should avoid it too. But I have been dying for a little something sweet. So I combined a few black bean brownie recipes I’ve made before and tweaked them into something I can eat right now. These […]