Autumn Phyllo Pie with Butternut Squash

Vegan Autumn Fillo Pie with Butternut Squash from Healthy Slow Cooking #CutcoFallHarvest  #fallrecipe

I'm taking a tiny detour from pumpkin. Today's recipe features butternut squash which some of you … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Almost White Chili with Tempeh and Winter Squash

I started out making white chili and kept tweaking it until it was no longer quite white. In the … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Chickpea Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash is a beautiful thing. The fact you can buy it already cut up in the produce section … [Read more...]

Slow Cooker Winter Squash and Fruit Soup

You may have noticed an orange theme this month in my recipes. I love all kinds of winter squash. … [Read more...]

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