Dianne Wenz shares my Lentil Quinoa Taco Filling and some Refried Beans


Dianne is a powerhouse. Not only does she blog at Veggie Girl she is now the owner/editor of Chic Vegan. She also does marketing and design at Vegan Heritage Press, does health coaching and teaches cooking classes. I think we may be tied for person with the most jobs! While you’re at Veggie Girl to get […]

Black Bean Fudgesicles From The Great Vegan Bean Book Blog Tour


Cara of Cara’sCravings.com has a special spot in my heart because she was the first person to review The Vegan Slow Cooker. It doesn’t hurt that her photos and recipes are top notch too. Cara is sharing the recipe for one of my most unique recipes from The Great Vegan Bean Book – the Black […]