Slow Cooker Not-Refried Black Beans

Slow Cooker Refried Black Beans from

You can’t go wrong by making beans for dinner. They are healthy, easy and hands off once they go into the slow cooker plus you can even freeze the leftovers for later. Sometimes I go ahead and make up some burritos with the leftover beans and put them in the freezer for an instant last minute […]

Quinoa with Black Beans


Here’s another recipe from The Great Vegan Bean Book that comes out June 1. This recipe may look familiar because it started out on this blog. It’s been slightly tweaked, a stove-top cooking method has been added in addition to the original slow cooker one and there’s nutritional information! This Book is not an all slow cooker […]

Slow Cooker Beyond Easy Pantry Chili


It snowed here for the first real time this year. Even though we should only get 5 inches the stores are packed with people getting supplies. So the last place I wanted to be was in that mess. So no weekend shopping for me. No shopping means eating out of the pantry, which is something […]

Slow Cooker Vitamin A Blast Black Bean Chili


There’s nothing better than a steaming post of warm chili waiting for you to come home. This one has a surprise guest of sweet potato. Both black beans and sweet potatoes are a great source for vitamin A and C. Your doctor will be proud. You can use either canned black beans or dry ones. […]