Black Bean Fudgesicles from The Great Vegan Bean Book

Black Bean Fudgesicles from The Great Vegan Bean Book

Today is another hot one and I’ll be grabbing one of these from the freezer when I get home today. These surprising fudgesicles still taste like your childhood favorites. Like all recipes in The Great Vegan Bean Book it is chock full of beans. One of my favorite chapters is the dessert chapter and there are […]

Slow Cooker Mexican Quinoa with Black Beans


Yesterday I posted Quinoa Jambalaya with Tempeh and today we have a Mexican variation. You can add in extra veggies, tempeh, seitan, tofu, or something yummy from Gardein if you want. Think of this as a base and see where your creativity takes you.

Slow Cooker Quinoa Jambalaya with Tempeh


Some of you let me know you’d like to have a formula for making variations of meals. Today I’m posting a Quinoa Jambalaya with Tempeh and tomorrow I’ll be posting a Mexican Quinoa with Black Beans to illustrate that. Both use the same amount of liquid and quinoa but the spices, protein, and veggies change. You […]

Slow Cooker Black Bean Brownies (Gluten-free)


I can’t have wheat for another month and while I can have a small amount of sugar I should avoid it too. But I have been dying for a little something sweet. So I combined a few black bean brownie recipes I’ve made before and tweaked them into something I can eat right now. These […]

Slow Cooker Citrus Black Bean Soup


This soup is a great start to a dinner party. I don’t know about you, but before slow cooking I used to spend too much time in the kitchen at my parties. Using my slow cookers means I can hang out with my friends more. Now I even have enough slow cookers to make all […]