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Vegan Slow Cooking for Two Blog Tour, a Winner and a New Contest!

Root Veggie Barley Risotto from Vegan Slow Cooking for Two

Happy Monday everyone! Today my blog tour starts and you'll get recipes from Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just You on many of my favorite blogs over the next few weeks, along with reviews and really cool photos. The tour begins at my good friend Linda Watson's blog - Cook for Good. While you're … [Go to Full Post...]

Slow Cooker Indian-Spiced Mixed Lentil Stew

Slow Cooker Indian-Spiced Mixed Lentil Stew

Here's a quick and easy slow cooker stew that makes about 2 to 3 servings. I love using my small slow cooker and it was really fun testing the limits of it last year when I was writing Vegan Slow Cooking for Two. (You can double or triple this recipe and use a larger slow cooker if you'd … [Go to Full Post...]

Whole Grain Vegan Baking Recipe and a Giveaway!

Photos by by Celine Steen

All of you know I'm a fan of whole grain flours. But I don't always branch out much into spelt, barley and other seldom used ones. Celine and Tamasin have written the perfect book to explore different kinds of grain flours. I only made 3 recipes but that's because we kept eating and eating the … [Go to Full Post...]

Thrifty Vegan: Customize Your Own Veggie Bouillon


Bouillon adds a flavor boost to any dish and is compact because it's concentrated making it easy to store. Make it yourself and customize it with your favorite herbs and veggies – you’ll never buy it in the store again! Store bought veggie bouillon can be expensive and my favorite brand has … [Go to Full Post...]

Mother Stallard Beans for Vegan Mofo 2013


Many of you have been reading this blog long enough to know that Vegan MoFo is vegan month of food. If not, you may wonder what it means? Well, hundreds of vegan bloggers are working hard all month to bring you great recipe ideas. You can go to the link above to see the blogs in categories. In … [Go to Full Post...]

It’s Pumpkin Drink Time! Vegan Pumpkin Spice Cheap-o-chino and Maple-sweetened Pumpkin-Spiced Latte

Frozen Coffee

I'm actually had a much needed weekend away from home and work. I started this post ay my friend's amazing farmhouse somewhere up North. After an amazing dinner and a perfect night's sleep I snuck down to the screened in porch to get in a little writing before everyone got up. Until Cheryl came … [Go to Full Post...]

Thai Coconut Tongue of Fire Soup from The Great Vegan Bean Book

Tongue of Fire Soup from The Great Vegan Bean Book

This creamy soup is full of Thai flavor. Lemongrass, lime, coconut milk, ginger and cilantro elevate this soup to an exotic treat. The tongue of fire in the title refers to a variety of heirloom beans with that name, which have a meaty mouthfeel and an undertone of spice in them. They are firm … [Go to Full Post...]

Quick Pickle – Cucumbers and Onions


Have a few cucumbers that are ready to be picked?  But there is an alternative to canning to make those cucumbers last a little longer – make quick pickles! This is a recipe my Mom would make all summer long. It takes no heat and almost zero time, so you can fit these into your busiest day … [Go to Full Post...]

Google Play Great Vegan Bean Book Giveaway and iBookstore Winner


And the winner is... Arminda of! If this isn't you here's another chance to win an ebook copy of The Great Vegan Bean Book. This time it's a Google book from Google Play so Android users now is your chance! You can download Google Play for iOS so really anyone will be able to read … [Go to Full Post...]

A Vegan College Survival Kit: Slow Cooking for Two or Just You Giveaway


It's a Vegan College Survival Kit giveaway! My publisher, Fair Winds Press, has put together a great giveaway package that's perfect for back to school. You all know that I think slow cookers are perfect for everything but little slow cookers are great for college vegans. It's also nice if you are … [Go to Full Post...]

White Bean Quinoa Gumbo from Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just You

Photo by Kate Lewis, Copyrighted by Fair Winds Press

This recipe from Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just You is a wholesome twist to the traditional Louisiana okra stew. This one adds nutrition-packed quinoa in place of the usual rice. Make sure to serve with your favorite hot sauce on the side so everyone can make it the spice level they want it to … [Go to Full Post...]

iBookstore Great Vegan Bean Ebook Giveaway!


Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just You will be coming out in ebook soon so stay tuned for its giveaway later this month! Don't forget you can even ask your library to get it in ebook format too! (hint, hint...) What do you think of ebooks in general? cookbooks? This giveaway is only for the … [Go to Full Post...]

Enchanted Vanilla Pancakes with Chai-spiced Peach Compote


I seem to have made Fridays my "what's for brunch" posting day. Honesty, I start thinking about weekend brunch on the deck about Wednesday. You have to admit it's something luxurious to look forward to that's easy to pull off.  Some days it may be too hot or cold to eat on the deck but my mind puts … [Go to Full Post...]

Black Bean Fudgesicles from The Great Vegan Bean Book

Black Bean Fudgesicles from The Great Vegan Bean Book

Today is another hot one and I'll be grabbing one of these from the freezer when I get home today. These surprising fudgesicles still taste like your childhood favorites. Like all recipes in The Great Vegan Bean Book it is chock full of beans. One of my favorite chapters is the dessert chapter and … [Go to Full Post...]

Ginger Red Bean Popsicles from The Great Vegan Bean Book

Photo by Angela of

    I thought summer might end a little early but with weather there is almost always a turn. Today is in the 90s which is still better than the 100s, but I've been spoiled with to many perfect, cool mornings in a row. Since I can't change the weather I'll change my internal … [Go to Full Post...]

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