Delicious Jams and Chutneys You Need to Try!

Delicious Jams and Chutneys You Need to Try!

I already told you that I met some amazing people at the Food and Wine Conference. Wendy Reed is one of those people – and she makes some of the best jam I’ve ever had. Better yet, you can order from her Etsy Shop and try it for yourself.

Wendy wasn’t a sponsor at the conference, but she let some of us try a few of her jams out of the goodness of her heart. I was not paid or given free product to take home, but these were just too good to keep to myself!

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Delicious Jams and Chutneys You Need to Try!

Fresh Apricot, Vanilla Bean and Tuaca Jam


This jam was my absolute favorite. I love how the Tuaca and vanilla complimented the apricots.

Delicious Jams and Chutneys You Need to Try!

Blueberry DiSaronno Jam


Do I really need to say more than blueberries and Amaretto?

Delicious Jams and Chutneys You Need to Try!

Fresh Fig and Balsamic Jam


This is the one I have my eye on for holiday presents.

Delicious Jams and Chutneys You Need to Try!

Florida Tangerine Ginger Rum Jam


This is one I’m getting for myself. I think it will make a fabulous glaze on tempeh or seitan.

Delicious Jams and Chutneys You Need to Try!

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Wendy sums up her company better than I do – here’s her description:

My company is based in Longwood, Florida. All of the jams and fruit butters we make are processed in small batches – never using corn syrup, pectin, preservatives or colors.

These fruit and vegetable jams take longer to process than many store-bought jams since commercial pectin is not added to form the gel. Our fruits and vegetables are cut and processed by hand using only fresh, quality ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible. I use French methods of jam making, such as allowing fruit to macerate overnight to coax out the luscious flavors of berries, stone fruits and vegetables.

My preserves have a pure, smooth texture and are deliciously different from the average jam. I hope that Sunchowder’s Emporia jams, spreads, chutneys and pickles will become pantry staples and wonderful time savers in your kitchen, since they make fabulous glazes, dips and appetizers for mealtimes. They can be added to quick breads and cookies for unique baked goods.


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    Oh, what a lovely post! Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this and I love how much you appreciate my products Kathy! I wish you much continued success as well and am so excited that we got to meet at the conference. XO

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    I love Wendy and her jams are indeed incredible, the most amazing, astonishing, delicious jams I’ve ever eaten. Her combinations of flavors, her ability to imagine these, never cease to amaze me. And I finally had the chance to meet Wendy in person at this conference and she is wonderful, kind, generous, beautiful and a hoot! She deserves the best!

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    What a lovely post about Sunchowder’s fabulous jams! I too am lucky enough to have been able to meet Wendy and try her jams, I adore both! Glad to have found your blog!

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