Chilled Summer Squash Soup

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This year I was determined to grow some yellow squash and zucchini in my tiny garden. I have a ton of sun in my backyard but no good place to put an in-ground garden, so I have an Earthbox garden. It may be small but I have tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, pie pumpkins, eggplants and peppers planted this year plus a slew of herbs.

As long as I’ve had a garden I’ve had squash bugs. I always plant enough for the whole block and end up with barely enough for us.  So far, this year, my yellow squash seem to be in the clear. Keep thinking good thoughts for them because there’s still time for my nemesis to strike.

Chilled Summer Squash Soup

Massel sent me a selection of their vegan bouillon to try for free. There is a small selection of their products on Amazon, but Vegan Essentials carries all types of their vegan bouillon and you can order them online there.

So far I’ve tried the Chicken Style Concentrated Liquid and the Veggie bouillon cubes and I really like their flavor. They are gluten-free, lactose-free, MSG-free  and the ones that are vegan are clearly labeled. I love that I can keep a few stashed in the pantry.

Having these bouillons to try  it got me thinking of soups even though it’s too hot for traditional soups. Typically I make a chilled cucumber soy yogurt soup in the summer. It and gazpacho are my warm weather favorites because they require zero cooking.

Chilled Summer Squash Soup

But I wanted to cook down the yellow squash I picked from the garden. That meant a little cooking because I like how the taste of summer squash mellows after it’s cooked a bit. You can do this quickly on the stove, but I opted to do it in my slow cooker so I could keep the house cool. No matter how you cook it – fast or slow – you will need to chill the soup for a few hours before serving.

Massel Vegan Bouillon

I love the idea of the liquid concentrate. You can add a bit to a soup, veggie burgers or anywhere else that could use an extra dash of flavor. The packets have a twist on top so it’s easy to save the leftovers for another recipe.

There is salt in these, but the liquid one I used has only 365mg per half cup of the concentrate which makes it pretty reasonable for all but no-sodium diets. But if you are on a special diet you should look closely at the labels to make sure they’re a fit for you.

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Chilled Summer Squash Soup


  1. Boy, I’ll have to check out that broth. That’s one I haven’t tried yet.

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