Easy Vegan Avocado Lemon Basil Pesto

Easy Vegan Avocado Lemon Basil Pesto

The good part about this time of the year is walking out in the garden to grab some herbs for dinner, or being able to plan a meal around the veggie that is ready to pick. However, with the good, there is always the dark side of summer – the heat.

The rising temperatures make me want to eat salad, vegan yogurt and fruit, and definitely doesn’t get me excited about turning on the stove or oven. We do have a grill with a burner that I requested just for times like these, but I guess I forgot I would be standing out in the heat while my pasta cooked. So it sits there unused.

Even on the hottest and slowest southern day of summer I can talk myself into turning on one burner – as long as it’s in the air conditioning. It may take a while to gear up. This involves thinking about how hot it is and measuring that against my stomach’s grumbling. A little ice cold sweet tea doesn’t hurt  and can give me the boost I need to step out into the heat to grab some herbs.

Get the recipe here.

Easy Vegan Avocado Lemon Basil Pesto


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