VeganCuts Dog Lovers Box Giveaway!

VeganCuts Dog Lovers Box Giveaway!

I must warn you there are gratuitous cute doggie pics in this post. Personally, I think it should perk up your day because these are pictures of my two dogs enjoying a few things out of the Dog Lovers Box from VeganCuts. They sent me one free to try. Well, for Max and Brenna to try really.

If you haven’t got your pup one yet, you can use code “BowWow” for 10% off (expires July 13).  I’m very grateful to Vegan Cuts for letting me do a giveaway for one of their Dog Lovers Box. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to enter to win one!

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VeganCuts Dog Lovers Box Giveaway!

There are eleven different products in the box: A Banana Peanut Butter Yaffbar, Max & Ruffy’s – Tree of Life: Coconut, Molasses, and Flax Treats which are my dogs favorite brand of treats, V-Dog – Kibble Sample that’s vegan, Natural Balance® Vegetarian Dry Formula Sample which happens to be vegan too, Eco Dogs and Cats – Sam’s Yams Sample, WHIMZEES Large Alligator, Good Clean Dog Shampoo Bar, Miss Sarah’s Botanicals – All Natural Flea & Tick Repellant, HealthForce Nutritionals – Green Mush, Barklogic – Flea & Tick Shampoo, Bio Bag Americas, Inc. – One Bio Bag Roll and a Unicorn Treats sticker.

That’s a lot of stuff packed into one small box! There are some discount codes and information included for some of the products as well. If your dog has allergies VeganCuts listed the ingredients on their site here. Just click the ingredients tab.

VeganCuts Dog Lovers Box Giveaway!

Max, the mostly white dog, is telling me to stop taking pictures and make Cheryl give them the treats already! Brenna, our older brindle, knows she can wait us out and get what she wants in the end.

VeganCuts Dog Lovers Box Giveaway!

Since I only had 1 dog-box but 2 pups of my own, we bought an extra Whimzees alligator to avoid any potential power struggles. After all, anything this cute needs to be had by both. We could cut it in half, but that just seemed so wrong – like eating the heads off of animal crackers.

VeganCuts Dog Lovers Box Giveaway!

Brenna relaxed with hers and savored it slowly on the deck while sunning herself, while Max brought his inside to eat on the window seat. Sometimes I think he’s part cat. He can effortlessly jump on things, including bounding over the stairs. Brenna wants no part in any of his jumping antics!

VeganCuts Dog Lovers Box Giveaway!

While they were excited about all the treats they tried from the box, they really love their Max & Ruffy’s. I think the first kind they ever tried was a banana coconut, and so far they’ve loved all the flavors that came after that including these Coconut, Molasses and Flax Treats.

Cheryl and I will love the flea and tick shampoo and the insect repellent – especially since they have natural ingredients. But I think you already know that these guys will be hiding when anything bath related comes out. Bath time and non-stinky smells are not on their favorite things list.

VeganCuts Dog Lovers Box Giveaway!

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VeganCuts Dog Lovers Box Giveaway!


  1. Kelly G. says

    My five dogs are all rescues and they love homemade peanut butter biscuits. Also: carrots, zucchini, asparagus, and just about any veggie you can shake at them!

      • Kelly G. says

        Well, they’re all tiny, so they’re roughly equivalent to two big dogs. We fostered a pit bull/boxer mix earlier this year, and he was just EXHAUSTING.

  2. Vicky says

    Our dog is a rescue. She was given up by her family when she was about 7 years old and languished in the shelter for 2 years. Nobody wanted an old dog or a big dog or a doberman/chow mix. But we did! Penny has been with us for 2 years now and and even though she has aches and pains, she just seems to get younger every day. We are transitioning her to a vegan diet to help with those aches and pains. She is a joy.

  3. Amanda says

    Ollie is a rescue, they think he was a discarded hunting dogs. How appropriate for him to be rescued by two vegans! His favorite treats are Whimsies and anything with peanut butter. His favorite activity is belly rubs! :-)

  4. says

    Our heeler mix, Chaya, was returned to the county shelter three times before we adopted her. Despite her social challenges, she is AMAZING with us and our two cats. She is the most loving, affectionate, intelligent, and playful dog we’ve ever known, and we adore her. Her most adorable attribute is the way she wags her tail whenever one of us walks into the room. It’s more of an entire back-half-of-her-body wag and has earned her the nickname Wigglebutt.

  5. says

    I love doggie pictures to start off the week! chewie is a rescue. he was dumped when he was 3 yrs old, matted and smelly coz he wasnt a puppy anymore. we were mesmerized by his witty eyes and very friendly tail wags. And now look at his super fluffy, handsome, cuddly cuteness. 9 out of 10 times people have hard time believing that we adopted him from a rescue and did not buy from a breeder. he loves all people except certain types who he feels are upto no good :) he recently learnt to give kisses to toddlers and is currently partial to the girls. :)

  6. Jamie Martin says

    Precious is my six month old Mini Aussie, and I’m pretty sure she’s trying to steal my girlfriend from me.

  7. Lyn says

    I do not own any dogs myself but I help take care of my friends two dogs, a boxer and a pitbull/great dane mix, they are both very sweet well behaved dogs, I love them like they are my own.

  8. says

    Ike rescued himself by showing up in our yard one very hot July day. We are so grateful he came into our lives.

    Ikey would be on these treats like brown on rice! What a great idea and a fantastic giveaway – thanks Kathy and Vegan Cuts!

  9. Linda says

    Both mine are rescue dogs. Our lab-mix loves any treat that he gets given off of our plates, though unfortunately he’s gluten-intolerant, and our terrier mix will eat just about anything, but his favourite treat is a tortilla chip (salt-free, of course)!

  10. Donna Kellogg says

    We have Two dogs a chiweenie that thinks she is a big dog and a black lab that thinks he is just a little lap dog.

  11. says

    My Weim Bella is truly by best friend! She is an only child, but is a great foster sister when I bring in rescued dogs to adopt out.

  12. aharvey123 says

    Both of my fur babies are rescues – one from a shelter and one from a neighbor’s neglect. They are both enjoying my transition to a healthier life – I add coconut oil and a veggie slaw to their food that they really enjoy. Kale spines are a favorite!

  13. Lorilee S says

    Would love to try these treats for my Peanut.
    She is very sensitive to things and these sound perfect for her!!

  14. cynthia says

    Yoda is a rescue and his favorite treat is ANYTHING, although he is especially partial to meaty snacks and carrots. The way to that boy’s heart is through his stomach — all I have to do is shake the snack bag or the carrot bag and he comes running.

  15. HeatherC says

    I have two small dogs, both are over 10 yrs old, and both are chihuahua/Pomeranian mixes. One of them, Newton, is starting to show his age. He has pretty bad arthritis in his back legs, and has had quite a few teeth removed. My other dog, Ivan, is the picture of health, even though he is only 8 months younger than Newton. Newton was a dog I rescued from a neighbor, and Ivan was a dog I purchased from a different neighbor. They are both super cute, of course, and I love that Ivan loves clothes. I used to groom dogs and every time Ivan gets a bath in the winter time I always give them a sweater to wear, Ivan LOVES his sweaters! He struts around waiting for people to complement him. If I have to change his shirt and don’t put a replacement on quick enough he’ll bring me one to put on him.

  16. Erin Ellis says

    We found our dog at our local animal shelter. He has grown to about 150 lbs of awesome. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  17. Peggy says

    I have 2 yorkies, and a mix breed german shepherd-and they are the light of my life! My daughter and grandchildren do not live close to me, and I don’t get out much due to health problems. They keep me smiling most of the time! I’m always trying to find healthy treats for them! My german shepherd was just put out on the side of the road that I live on. One of my neighbors was trying to take her off somewhere else, but thankful I ended up with her. She is the most loving baby I have!

  18. Terri Cole says

    I only have cats, but I’m hoping to win this box for my “grand-dog” Sadie. She’s a rescue Chihuahua, nearly a year old. I always disliked those little yappy dogs but Sadie is super sweet and pretty darn cute!

  19. says

    We rescued our teckel, name Pistache, at the SPCA here in Canada. She is our baby and I just love her to death. Hi hi !!! Her favorite treat is fresh carrots or cucumber directly from the garden. She loves fruits and vegetables. She is now 2 years old and follows me everywhere I go. She has never been alone for a minute since we have her. Actually, she loves all kind of treats and just food…hi hi !!!

    Thanks for this wonderful giveaway :)

  20. sonja says

    Shes a rescue.. very picky fox terrier mix but she loves tempeh raw and tofu raw.. very lovable and interesting dog..

  21. Lydia Claire says

    Our dog Hannah is a rescue chihuahua. But unlike most small dogs she never barks, except for once in a while in her sleep, and she’s not nervous. She’s the most mellow dog we know. We adopted her 1.5 years ago and she is 16 years old. I can’t imagine life without her.

  22. Corrine G says

    We have a long haired chihuahua and she looks like a fox! She’s adorable and of course she is a rescue. =)

  23. Carolsue says

    I am a foster parent for 3 German Short Haired Pointers. They love treats and I’d love to win this for them!

  24. Susie says

    Thanks for the opportunity and introducing us to Vegan cuts!
    Our pooch is a goldendoodle, easy on the eyes and my husbands allergies. Very sweet and my sons best friend. Love your recipes, keep sharing please.

  25. says

    My 3 rescues would love these! I have all different types, a border collie mix, aussie mix and and a chihuahua mix. They all have varying tastes so I would love to win a box full of goodies to spoil them with! :)

  26. Amber says

    I have one rescue, a Corgi Chihuahua mix and a Pitt-Bull mix given to me by my sister. They are my fuzzy children :)

  27. Deb Nickel says

    I dog sit my granddog often. Gus was a rescue and is a delight to be around. It would be great to win this for him.

  28. Gillian says

    My dog is a rescue mutt (dachshund and something else), and he is terrified of flies. He is hiding upstairs right now because there is one in the living room.

  29. Kasey says

    Every night my dog does “the stare down” until someone gives her a treat. Having some variety would make it better.

  30. Carissa says

    We currently have 10 – some permanent residents, others fosters – in our home. That fluctuates, of course, with adoptions and new foster intakes. Many are special needs – we have a one-eyed GSD, a partially paralyzed terrier mix who gets around with the help of a cart, and a lab mix who was born without back feet (we are working on getting him prosthetic feet!). They are my joy and this is my calling.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win this goody box. I’m sure it will make a dog (or dogs) out there very happy!

  31. says

    We have two dogs, both rescues. Dot is a Brittany and is the sweetest. Taco is a pit mix from the Humane Society and he is a young ACTIVE boy who has a ton of energy!

  32. Mallory H. says

    We have three Rescues! If I told you how cute they were, you’d probably kick me out of here BOL – they are the love of my life and they LOVE treats!!!

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