Allison’s E-book: Comfortably Yum

Allison's E-book: Comfortably Yum

I met Allison at the very first Vida Vegan Conference before I know she was a chocolate goddess. She’s also known for her fun vegan adaptations of comfort food favorites and in her first e-book, Comfortably Yum, her homey recipes really hit the spot!

She’s letting me give away a copy so be sure to scroll down to the entry form to enter. Also I’ve included her Pinterest board for the book at the very bottom so you can see the beautiful photos of the 10 recipes that are in the e-book.

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Allison's E-book: Comfortably Yum

First, I made her Meltable American Cheese Slices and they taste amazing. It was really easy to throw together the ingredients into a blender and just thicken the  mixture on the stove. After that all you need to do is spread it in a parchment lined baking dish and let it set for an hour or two, then cut into slices.

Allison's E-book: Comfortably Yum

I had to make a dessert and, because Cheryl loves her chocolate, I made the Chocolate-Glazed Fudge Cupcakes. They were so simple and are gluten-free and soy-free too! Allison suggests a thin layer of jam on top of the cupcake before you put on the glaze. I tried a cherry preserve on half of them and loved the burst of fruit flavor it gave.

Allison's E-book: Comfortably Yum

So after reading about all these great recipes you want a copy of your own, right? Enter the giveaway here:

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See all of the great photos on Allison’s Pinterest Board. Be sure to pin a few to make right now so you don’t forget!

Follow Allison’s Gourmet’s board Recipes from Comfortably Yum, Allison’s First e-Cookbook! on Pinterest.


  1. Livvy says

    it is so incredible how people like you and Allison make it amazing food, plant based so we never have to miss out!

  2. Gillian says

    Hmmm, I think my favorite vegan comfort food is a baked good, like a cinnamon roll. Now I want a cinnamon roll. lol.

  3. maureen says

    My fave vegan food is faux tuna with either parsnips from Skinny Bitch or made from soaked sunflower seeds from The Fresh Energy cookbook. Both are great!

  4. says

    My favorite vegan comfort food is broccoli casserole with “cheeze” sauce made with nutritional yeast and millet flour to make it nice and thick. Soooo good! Yes, there is life after cheese!

  5. Candy says

    My favorite vegan comfort food is rice pudding. I also love hot cocoa made with almond milk. Chocolate is the cure for everything, ya know 😉

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