Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats Giveaway and Review

Sweet Debbie's Organic Treats

I have a treat for you today and it’s gluten-free, sugar-free, nut-free and vegan! Debbie Adler, owner of Sweet Debbie’s Organic Cupcakes in LA, has put together a wonderful whole-foods and allergy free cookbook. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post to enter to win a copy of Sweet Debbie’s Organic Treats for yourself!

The pumpkin pie muffins below were easy to throw together once I had made a batch of Debbie’s All-Purpose Gluten-Free Flour Mix. It’s a mixture of these flours:

  • tapioca
  • sorghum
  • millet
  • ivory teff
  • quinoa

I blended up regular brown teff into mine and it worked out fine. I used my Vitamix to make the teff flour, but you could even try a spice grinder because you only need 1/4 cup.

The muffins are sweetened with a combination of stevia and coconut nectar. She uses grapeseed oil and I subbed sunflower oil with no problems.

Debbie's Pumpkin Pie Muffins

Debbie’s gluten-free goodies are among the healthiest gluten-free baking that I have come across. That does mean things taste “healthy” and if you are used to treats full of gluten these will taste a bit different. I think it’s much like my baked goods recipes taste different because I use whole wheat pastry flour.

Cheryl’s favorites were the Blondies with Roots and you can get that recipe over at Unrefined Vegan. I admit I used the vegan chocolate chips I had in my pantry, but one of the awesome parts of the book is that she gives you a recipe to make your own. She replaces the sugar with coconut nectar, stevia and erythritol. I love the idea of making my own chips in the future, but I just didn’t have the time the past few weeks.

Blondies with Roots

The Cosmic Chocolate Chip Cookies are the ones that got away from me. Please note that this is no fault of the recipe or Debbie! I ruined them all by myself. I would suggest that there is a time of night that it’s too late to try and grind your own amaranth flour. Or at least use the dry container on your Vitamix instead of the wet one.

Cosmic Chocolate Chip Cookies

Somehow what I made looked like flour to me. At least it did until I mixed the dry with the wet ingredients. That’s when I realized I didn’t hardly grind it at all. Those little amaranth globes just appeared out of nowhere. Being a trooper I decided to bake them anyhow. I thought maybe they’d steam or something. That was nothing but pure delusion.

I ate half a cookie and love the orange and nutmeg together in it. The crunchiness of my mistake made me abandon that batch. I cannot tell you how sad I was to throw those away. What would you have done? Can you think of a way to repurpose them?

Be sure to enter the giveaway below to win your own copy or go ahead and buy a copy on Amazon.

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  1. Quinoa and brown rice flour :)

  2. Donna F. says:

    Bob’s Red Mill is great for gluten-free blends!

  3. Erin O'Brien says:

    This book looks great! I eat all organic, so I’m always looking for new recipes (especially treats) that I can make without chemicals! :)

  4. I often buy gluten-free baking blends in Whole Foods.

  5. I haven’t ever bough an actual blend, but I like to keep things gluten free using simple old oat flour! It’s so versatile and makes any dessert healthier!

  6. Corrine G says:

    We use one from Bob’s Red Mill.

  7. Lydia Claire says:

    I haven’t needed to use one yet.

  8. Cara at Fork and Beans has a great blend which she uses in pita bread
    FYI…The Kitchn has an interesting post about blends, polling readers for their favorites
    and Nancy at The Sensitive Pantry has a fabulous list of links for custom blends

  9. I mix my own and don’t have a fave yet. I like one that has millet and quinoa in it though.

  10. I use a British blend with mainly rice flour

  11. I like Bob’s Red Mill blend!

  12. Quinoa!

  13. Depends on what I am making. I play around with a lot of grains!

  14. I like Bob’s Red Mill blend, but it’s the only one I’ve tried.

  15. Tracy Cornelius says:

    I use a blend I buy from my local Co-op.

  16. part oat flour and lesser in part garbanzo bean flour

  17. I love Bob’s Red Mill blend :)

  18. I use Bob’s! :)

  19. Melissa K. says:

    I don’t have a particular blend that I use. Still looking for that “special one.” Thank you to the “Peace Patch” person for the links to some more to try!

  20. michelle says:

    I’ve crushed past cookie failures and made them in to pie crusts with mixed success.

  21. Bobbie Molony says:

    I have converted, as much as possible, to organic. I am also slowly converting to a gluten free lifestyle. And maybe someday to Vegan. This cook book looks great, just the ticket I need!

  22. I am only just now learning about gluten-free baking so do not have any favorite blends yet.

  23. Gotta love almond flour! It lends a wonderfully sweet flavor and pleasingly crumbly texture.

  24. Almond+coconut flour!

  25. I use coconut flour, quinoa & chick peas.
    This cookbook looks amazing!

  26. I make my own with cashew flour and brown rice flour.

  27. oat flour

  28. I use Bob’s Red Mill mix.

  29. Malgorzata says:

    Brown rice and millet flour.

  30. Kelly G. says:

    I use Bob’s Red Mill – I don’t quite trust myself to come up with my own!

  31. sandy zimmer says:

    Bob’s Red Mill, but I just found a Banana Flour and I’m going to try to come up with my own blend.

  32. I haven’t one that i love yet

  33. Oat flour and corn flour.

  34. I’m not gluten intolerant, so I don’t have one. But I do like to have variety when I bake, so I will try the “recipe” listed in your blog.

  35. Heather C says:

    I mix my own, depending on what I’m baking. But most of my mixes include coconut flour.

  36. I have not used a gluten free blend, but I would like to try Better Batter Gluten Free Flour

  37. Home ground extra fine rice flour with tapioca starch and potato starch

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