Gear Up for Brunch: 3 Pancake Recipes Everyone Will Love

It’s Friday and weekend brunch is already on my mind. I’m thinking pancakes.  They are easy to pull together if you’re half-asleep – plus they make the morning feel so decadent. These pancakes are full of whole-grains while still having less sugar than many other breakfast alternatives. You don’t have to break any of your resolutions for the Date Sweetened Caramel Coconut Pancakes pictured above. They have pureed white beans in the batter that no one will ever know and you made your own easy date caramel sauce and use stevia in the chocolate sauce. Make the sauces the night before. Bonus: you get to have coffeehouse drinks at home with your leftover syrups!

Enchanted Vanilla Pancakes with Chai-spiced Peach Compote

Enchanted Vanilla Pancakes from The Great Vegan Bean Book also contain the magic of pureed white beans. You can use frozen peaches or some leftover apples and/or pears that you have around to make the Chai-spiced Compote. Make the compote in your slow cooker and let it cook through the night while you sleep. Then just ladle the spiced warm fruit on your freshly cooked pancakes – no syrup needed!

Lemon is one of my favorite breakfast flavors and it’s paired with coconut in these Lemon Coconut Whole Wheat Pancakes. You can switch out your favorite sweetener if you’re not fond of agave nectar. Just taste as you go – especially if you are using stevia as it can get bitter with 1/8 of a teaspoon too much. These don’t have beans replacing the fat, but it uses coconut milk as a whole food way to make these pancakes extra moist and rich.
Happy weekend everyone! What are you cooking?



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