Food Blog South 2014

Food Blog South 2014


I know many of my readers are also food bloggers so I wanted to share info about one of my favorite conferences, FoodBlogSouth. Clicking through the link will give you a $10 discount!

This year the conference is all day January 25 with an opening party the night before. There are 3 tracks: Track A, Creativity; Track B, Technology & Business; and Track C, Food. Attendees can go back and forth between tracks; you don’t have to stick to one. The conference is $175 for the pre and after event as well as the whole day of conference.

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In year’s past there has been an option pre-conference seminar and this year there are 2 brand new ones: Food Writing for Food Lovers seminar ($125) taught by Dianne Jacob and Advanced Food Photography and Styling seminar ($150) with Becky Luigart-Stayner and Ana Price Kelly. It’s hard to choose just one, but they are happening at the same time January 24. The prices for the seminars are in addition to the conference fee, though you can just take class without going to the conference.

Being a Southern food conference it has been a little hit and miss on vegan options. The first year there was a wonderful vegan lunch option, but no breakfast ones. Last year I have a great breakfast and even had soy creamer for my coffee, but for lunch by the time I got in line, all that was left for me was coleslaw. I have talked to the organizer who assured me that they would have something for me at breakfast and lunch this year!

The more vegans the merrier! I hope that you’ll think about attending. Cheryl and I will be there, as well as some very lovely people we’ve gotten to know there over the years. I can honestly say going has really helped to further my blogging and writing career.




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