Some News and a Virtual Vegan Potluck Teaser

 Photo  by Kate Lewis

Photo by Kate Lewis


I don’t usually post on the weekends, but no one wants to miss the Virtual Vegan Potluck – especially not me! Tomorrow I’m sharing my recipe for Slow Cooker Sloppy Black-Eyed Peas that’s super-easy and full of veggies too.

At the potluck you’ll find more than just my recipe, you’ll see all kinds of new, awesome vegan recipes to spice up the rest of your 2013.

Now on to other big news for me – next weekend I’m getting married and then the week after that I leave my day job! I’ll be working full time on new books, making cool recipes for my blog and my other writing  jobs, plus I’ll be doing more social media services for authors and publishers. All in all it’s my dream come true!


  1. What awesome news for you! Have a wonderful wedding! I can relate some….I gave my two weeks notice 12 years ago after my husband proposed and have never looked back! It is wonderful that you will be able to do what you love! Congrats to you both!

  2. Congratulations, Kathy! What wonderful happy news!! All best to you in this new era of your life xoxo

  3. “next weekend I’m getting married” OK SO – – OMG – congrats on all the great changes going on in your life!!!! Wishing you the best!!!

  4. Jacqui Pappas says:

    So excited for you! Congrats on living your dream. It’s also lucky for your readers…. More Yumminess coming our way! LOL

  5. michelle geil says:

    Congratulations, enjoy every minute of your new next steps (and leaps!) and we look forward to sharing it virtually, and in good health. Wishing you much joy (-:

  6. So happy for you! Wonderful when dreams come true. :-)

  7. Congratulations, Kathy! Very exciting and happy news! Wishing you nothing but great things! :-) (and yeah, I want to take a big bite out of that sandwich right now…looks seriously yummy!)

  8. Congratulations and yippee for you for following your dreams! Your creative courage is an inspiration! Wishing you all the best…Blessed Be. :)

  9. I know I’m super-belated. I’m really behind on my blog reading, but I wanted to pop in and say Congratulations to you both…what wonderful news!

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