It’s Finally National Oatmeal Day!!

Vanilla Fig Oatmeal with Baklava Topping from Vegan Slow Cooking for Two

Maybe everyone doesn’t do a count down of oatmeal day, but oatmeal fans are a different breed! Here are a few oatmeals for you to add in to your morning rotation plus a very special one for Halloween!

The top oatmeal is my Vanilla Fig with Baklava Topping from Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just You.

↑ I love Halloween and am always on the look out for something slightly spooky and cool. This purple sweet potato casserole oatmeal will delight everyone on Halloween morning!

↑ Slow Cooker Coconut Banana Pecan Coffee Cake Oatmeal is a great way to use ripe bananas and goes perfect with coconut and pecans.

↑  Slow Cooker Maple Pear Walnut Cake Oatmeal  evokes the multi-colored leaves of fall and warms you belly on those cool mornings.

↑ Try some White Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Oatmeal to get you out of your oatmeal rut. There is no excuse for boring oatmeal!

↑ What about a caramel delight oatmeal that has no refined sugar or added oil? It uses a date-sweetened caramel sauce and stevia-sweetened chocolate syrup that you make yourself and they are easier than you can possibly imagine. They are great on other desserts and in coffee too!

↑ And just in case you think oatmeal is all about sweet – here’s a Mushroom Steel Cut Oat Risotto that’s going to be in the book I’m working on now that comes out fall 2014.

If you guessed my new book is all about oatmeal – you’re right! I even have a great steel cut oat sausage crumble that’s perfect for pizza.



  1. great round-up! that halloween oatmeal is hilarious.

  2. Your Vanilla Fig with Baklava Topping is my favorite…so yumful! I love Oatmeal Day. :)

  3. Looking forward to the oatmeal book. I was just searching the net for savory oatmeal ideas the other day.

  4. After reading your FAQ for cooking oatmeal in the slow-cooker, just wanted to mention that I add a half-cup or so of ice cubes to slow the cooking down. I must have one of the new “hot” cookers, because my steel-cut oats tend to overcook and require a LOT of water.

  5. Hi, Kathy, I was just browsing through your blog in preparation for the upcoming Oatrageous Oats tour – I know, I know, I’m choosing a recipe from the list but I still wanted to figuratively pick your brain further on the subject of oats. :) I was delighted to find this post and see that the date I chose is National Oatmeal Day! So looking forward to it!

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