iBookstore Great Vegan Bean Ebook Giveaway!


Vegan Slow Cooking for Two or Just You will be coming out in ebook soon so stay tuned for its giveaway later this month!

Don’t forget you can even ask your library to get it in ebook format too! (hint, hint…) What do you think of ebooks in general? cookbooks?

This giveaway is only for the iBookstore and will only work on an ipad or iphone.

To enter the giveaway do one or more of the following:

  • Comment on the post telling me if you own an iphone or an ipad or both
  • Follow me on Pinterest (all boards or just The Great Vegan Bean Book board) and make a second comment that you did it (or already follow me)
  • You must post a new comment on this blog post for each entry for them all to count. If you post on Facebook or email me it will not cout. I pull the result form the comment number.

Looking for an ebook in a different format? One of these should work on your reading device of choice and each one links to the bean book in their format.


Remember that the ebook is ready to download anytime of the day or night! There’s no need to put off those middle of the night cooking cravings.


  1. This book sounds wonderful!
    I have an iPad.

  2. i bean looking for a book like this :P
    i love my iPad!

  3. I have both.

  4. I have an iphone and I am following you on Pinterest!! I Have one of your books and would love to have more!! Your recipes are awesome.

  5. I own an IPAD.

  6. I follow most of your Pinterest boards.

  7. Kathi Sandler says:

    I need this book!! I have iPhone AND iPad!! Really need this book to convince the hubby that beans are good other ways than refried in lard. : )

  8. Natalie Iucci says:

    Beans (Legumes) are such an essential part of our diet. Looking forward to this new Vegan Bean cookbook. Absolutely love the Slow Cooker recipe books. More people may be willing to try adding more beans in their diets with your new recipes. Looking forward to your cookbook and love your blogs.

  9. I have an iPhone, and beans are my favourite food! I don’t really have enough ideas for them, so this book will help me alot! :D<3

  10. Thanks for the giveaway! I have both an iPhone and an iPad.

  11. I already follow your Pinterest board.

  12. Followed you on Pinterest. I especially like your ETL board!

  13. I have both.

  14. Rodrigo Afonseca says:

    Would love to know cooking with these book.
    I have an iPhone and an iPad.

  15. Rodrigo Afonseca says:

    Just pinned this page on Pinterest. Also, I’m following it’s page too.

  16. I love my iPad and iPhone. Would love to have your book because all of them are awesome! I use my slow-cooker vegan book all the time :)

  17. I also followed all the boards on Pinterest!

  18. I really want this book. It’s on my Amazon wish list. I have an iPad.

  19. I have an iPhone and would love this!!

  20. I also follow all of your boards on Pinterest! :)

  21. Lisa Hochstetler says:

    I have an Iphone and love ebooks.

  22. I LOVE your recipes :) and I’m in Greensboro! #SmallWorld

    I’ve got both an iPad and an iPhone and use my iPad constantly in the kitchen; it’s one of my best tools and home to my favorite recipes.

  23. I just followed all your boards on Pinterest, too!

  24. And I just followed all your Pinterest boards from my YumVeg account, as well :)

  25. I have an ipad and would LOVE to have that book on it!
    Its not available for sale on the “i” stores in Australia to purchase! I was looking for it the other day!
    Am following all your pinterest boards :-)

  26. I have an iPhone and I love your recipes.

  27. I own both iPhone and iPad. The bean book looks great. Can’t wait for the new slow cooker for two.

  28. Allison P says:

    I have an iphone and an iPad.

  29. Allison P says:

    I follow on pinterest @allierw26

  30. I would love to explore the book on my iPhone!

  31. I have both an iPhone and an iPad and love both. I’ve always been eyeing this books for months and months… prior to its release… So thanks for hosting this giveaway! :-)

  32. Hi! I just started following your Pinterest!

  33. Did I mention that I have an IPhone? I use it for many things, even listening to books! Sometimes I wish all my cookbooks were audible so that I could listen as I am fixing the recipe. Someday perhaps…. Thanks for letting me rant lol!

  34. I have both an iPhone and an iPad. Beans Beans…

  35. I am a crockpot newbie and I can’t wait to try out some of your recipes!
    I have an iphone and I just started following you on pinterest.

  36. I have both… the book looks great!

  37. followed all boards!

  38. Of course. Both!

  39. I have an iphone and an IMAC and macbook air
    I can usually read my ibooks on my computers


  40. I am following on pinterest.
    I have the vegan slow cooker and use it all the time!

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