Black Bean Fudgesicles From The Great Vegan Bean Book Blog Tour


Cara of Cara’ has a special spot in my heart because she was the first person to review The Vegan Slow Cooker. It doesn’t hurt that her photos and recipes are top notch too.

Cara is sharing the recipe for one of my most unique recipes from The Great Vegan Bean Book – the Black Bean Fudgesicles. I thought if black bean brownies were tasty then in  a chocolaty frozen dessert they would be pretty awesome. You can strain the mixture to get any pieces of black bean skin out of them or leave them in like I do for an illusion of chocolate bits.

Stay tuned for more Great Vegan Bean Book blog tour (and recipes) next week from more of my favorite bloggers!


  1. Your fudgesicles look fabulous…thank you for sharing the recipe!
    I’m wondering if you can make an adult version with a splash of Frangelico or Kahlua or…?

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