Tongue of Fire Bean Soup

The Great Bean Book Blog Tour visits Allyson Kramer

Today we’re off to visit the amazing author Allyson Kramer at her blog She’s the queen of gluten-free vegan cooking and she also has a new book out  – Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats From Around the World: Fantastic, Allergy-Free Ethnic Recipes.

Allyson is sharing the recipe for Tongue of Fire Soup. The tongue of fire in the title refers to a variety of heirloom beans with that name, which have a meaty mouth-feel and an undertone of spice in them. They are firm like kidney beans, which you can use in their place if you can’t find the exotic ones.

You’ll find cheaper bean substitutes for almost all of the recipes as well as fancy beans that you can use to test out some new-to-you heirloom beans!

I will announce each stop on the tour so stay tuned all month for more amazing bloggers.

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