Shamrock Shake

You can tell when it’s getting near St. Patrick’s Day by all the green non-vegetable food that pops up. I was looking at some other redos of this minty shake and was shocked to see that many people are putting in food color to make their shakes green. I think that’s a huge missed opportunity! In my household if it’s green there are green veggies in it – and there may be some greens hidden away even if the dish is not green!

I used kale in my shake but you could use spinach to make it even milder. Spinach is a great gateway into more challenging greens. Don’t forget right now is a great time for collards because they are milder and sweet after a winter freeze.

I used a mixed nut milk of cashew, almond and hazelnut but a coconut milk like So Delicious would work well too. I like the nondairy milk to have a little fat in it for these drinks because it makes a more cohesive drink. I’ve found that to be true in my cheap-o-cinnos too.

Using vanilla extract adds that vanilla ice cream flavor without all the fat and calories that even nondairy ice creams contain. A little mint extract and stevia makes it into a sweet treat without all the calories or refined sugar. The whole thing is under 100 calories!

You can switch out stevia for the sweetener of your choice. If you hate mint you can even add a different extract!


If you can’t see the recipe above get it here.

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  1. Vanilla Bean Crush!!! My favorite! =)

  2. Kathy first of all this is fab. A nice healthy St. Paddy’s Day recipe, love it.

    Second I was so thrilled when Jenni mentioned you the other day. I was thinking omg, I totally remember her from FBF. We rode in the cart together. Lol. Hope you’ve been well. xx

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