Post Election Warm Pomegranate Spiced Wine

Post Election Warm Pomegranate Spiced Wine

I don’t know about you, but it was weird to open my email this morning and not have a dozen political emails requesting money. This has seemed like the longest election that I’ve lived through and I’m relieved it’s finally over.

Last night seemed to be stressing out other people too. I spied a few conversations on Facebook listing what other nervous vegans were drinking to get through the night. Me, I had a toasty pomegranate spiced wine and I slept all the better because of it. Of course, you can make this with apple cider and leave out all of the alcohol for a virgin drink.

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This warm wine with the bold flavor of pomegranate juice takes off the chill off these almost-winter days. It’s spiced with cloves and cardamom and has a little apple brandy and ginger to make sure you get toasty warm.

Post Election Warm Pomegranate Spiced Wine

One of the best investments for brewing spiced drinks is an extra large tea ball like the one above sometimes called an herb ball. You can pack enough spices in there to make a full batch of chai tea concentrate. I still love reusable muslin tea bags and you can find them at most Whole Foods stores and many groceries.

Both can be used to brew with fresh herbs so you can make mint tea from your own garden. Next on my tea to-do list is brewing up some orange mint and lemon verbena tea – maybe with a splash of Grand Marnier.

Post Election Warm Pomegranate Spiced Wine

If you can’t see the recipe above, you can also get to it here on the Key Ingredient site.

Post Election Warm Pomegranate Spiced Wine


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    Sounds wonderful, Kathy! I’m sitting at my desk watching big, fat, wet flakes of snow come down. Trying to psyche myself up to take the dog out for a walk!

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