Tentacled Monster Pot Pie (or My Belated Halloween Post)

Tentacled Monster Pot Pie (or My Belated Halloween Post)

I couldn’t let Halloween night slip away without a big glass of Phantom wine and a silly dinner. The idea to make these pot pies came from a Babble.com article by Brooke McLay and you can find her article here. Thanks for the super awesome idea Brooke!!

Weirdly enough I had found some vegan friendly crescent rolls in a can a few weeks ago, so I had stashed one in my fridge. When I’m without bread in a can, I’d just make a biscuit dough, but you could use pizza dough or bread dough too.

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Instead of making black olive eyes like Brooke did, I took small pieces of dough shaped them into little balls and rolled them in smoked paprika. I used black sesame seeds for the pupils. You have to look for them carefully in my haphazard photos.

This is more of a non-recipe but its similar to my Pantry Pot Pie in The Vegan Slow Cooker so you could use that recipe for the filling. (Or any leftover stew!)

I made my filling with organic frozen veggie mix, pressed tofu diced small, diced potato, thyme, basil, vegan sour cream, nutritional yeast broth powder and a little water.

In the future I’d cook the potato first to make it all go quicker. I wasn’t thinking and just threw everything together in a sauce pan. Then I had to wait for the potato to cook. It wasn’t the end of the world, but it would make it easier if I had baked that potato in the slow cooker during the day.

But it came together and formed a great creamy sauce that had a great herb flavor. You should look at Brooke’s article for more info on making the monsters look good. Honestly I rushed through it a bit and hers look perfect.

Tentacled Monster Pot Pie (or My Belated Halloween Post)

I hope you all had a fun Halloween. We got zero trick or treaters at our new house, so I get all the Full Moon Clif bars for myself. They are 1/2 price at Target if yours hasn’t sold out of Halloween goodies. It’s the perfect time to stock up, and the expiration date is June 2013 – same as the release of my next book!

The Great Vegan Bean Book, is now available for pre-order on Amazon!


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