4 Toasty Slow Cooker Drinks for Halloween

Fall has really settled in where I live and it has blown beautiful leaves over my car, the bushes… really just about anywhere.

This week the hurricane brought some chilly temps with it, so make some a nice hot drink to warm you up on this unusually cold Halloween.

But first here’s a picture of Brenna dressed in her new bee costume. I’m not sure if she’s just horrified at being a bee for Halloween, being dressed up at all, or if she’s just plotting her revenge. I’ll keep you posted on that ; )

These drinks are treats for the grownups to indulge in while the kiddies are rooting through their good bags.

Tipsy Mint-Coffee Cocoa: This is full of chocolate, mint and Kahlua. What’s not to like?

Crockpot Lavender Rose Cocoa:
A little rosewater and lavender extract make this cocoa extra special (and romantic).

Slow Cooker Sugar Cookie Hot Toddy for 2:
You can use plain tea, but I’d keep in the apple brandy, Grand Marnier and Amaretto!

Celebrate National Coffee Day with a Slow Cooker Gingerbread Latte:
A ginger and spiced coffee that rivals the big coffee chain’s, and it’s cheaper too.

And don’t forget to make a batch of cinnamon spice syrup for your coffee. It tastes similar to cinnamon dolce syrup from you know where.

Happy Halloween! I hope it’s a wonderful night for all of you.

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