Bull City Vegan Challenge: Daisy Cakes

Bull City Vegan Challenge: Daisy Cakes

Here’s where you can get another Bull City Vegan Challenge tasty brunch. I actually went to Daisy Cakes twice during the vegan challenge, so I think you should definitely give it a try.

Daisy Cakes
401 Foster St. Suite A
Durham, NC 27701
Vegan brunch item available Saturdays 8am-3pm and during the week (Tuesday – Friday)

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Bull City Vegan Challenge: Daisy Cakes

It’s steps away from the Durham farmers market and just across the street from the large parking lot that’s always bordered by food trucks. (Make sure to grab one of Cafe Prost’s pretzels on your way home too!)

Bull City Vegan Challenge: Daisy Cakes

Their vegan special is a Curried Tofu Scramble made with roasted veggies (including yummy potatoes and brussels sprouts),  tofu, and topped with vegan mozzarella and comes with a side of toast – $8.95

It’s a very large portion and can easily be shared – especially if you order a cupcake – which is a must have. Both times I brought half of my scrambled tofu home for another meal.

Bull City Vegan Challenge: Daisy Cakes

Of course, there was a delicious vegan cupcake that they have all the time. I honestly didn’t think to ask them if they had any vegan options before the challenge. But now I have a place to get my after farmers market cupcake ; )

Be sure to let me know how you like it!


  1. Rebecca Haughn says

    Personally I will NOT order a cupcake if the icing is not to the edges, I feel I am being jipped without the right amount of icing be it vegan or not. Just saying. Gulped at 8.95 however if you can share it then it is a good deal. Thanks for sharing these goodies.

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