Homemade Magic Shell and Frozen Yogurt

Magic shell always makes a scoop extra special. Especially a frozen treat you made yourself from some So Delicious Vanilla flavored yogurt.

To make your own frozen yogurt you’ll need an ice cream maker. I use the type that you freeze the main part in the freezer for at least 12 hours. To get my last minute frozen dessert fix I keep mine in the freezer all year so it’s ready when I am. You can get a model that makes enough for 2 or a whole crowd.

My quick and easy recipe uses vanilla non-dairy yogurt (like So Delicious) so you don’t need to heat up anything or melt sugar like you would normally do to make an ice cream. This frozen yogurt is extra tart, so you can mix in a few tablespoons of agave nectar if you’d like it sweeter. I use 1 1/2 cups vanilla yogurt plus 1/2 cup vanilla nondairy milk mixed together.

Add the mixture to the ice cream maker and turn on. Your yogurt should freeze in under 10 minutes if all the ingredients were cold. You can add in fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips near the end if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

Making magic shell is also super easy to do. As you can see below, there’s nothing pretty about mixing chocolate and coconut oil – at least not until you melt them together.

Once they are combined they make a pourable topping that freezes into a hard shell on your ice cream. This will make you the favorite of both kids and adults. Everyone loves to crack the chocolate with their spoon. It’s really similar to the sensation of cracking the sugar on a creme brulee.

Remember to add a few of your own special touches. I love chopped toasted almond that I mince in the food processor for a little extra crunch, though a teaspoon of orange extract makes me very happy too.

If you can’t see the recipe below check it out at my Key Ingredient Page.

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