You Can Now Pre-Order The Great Vegan Bean Book on Amazon!

You’d think the second cookbook would be easier than the first. But now that I’ve started on my third book, I think that each one has its unique challenges and rewards.

The Great Vegan Bean Book has a variety of recipes for every time of the day plus desserts. There is even a recipe for vegan breakfast sausage and a vegan chorizo that are gluten and soy free – plus contain no nuts! (I’ve really tried to get some of your requests in.)

This is not an all slow cooker book, but I have worked in quite a few slow cooker directions in addition to all of the stove top and oven ones. So if you have a slow cooker or not the recipes will work for you!

It was so cool to work with so many different kinds of heirloom beans, but don’t worry –  I have cheap bean alternatives for each recipe too. That plus the staples chapter should help with your budget. Just wait until you taste the Black Bean Double Chocolate Devil’s Food Cookies – they are a tester favorite.

I’ll be letting out more info as time goes on. This book comes out June 1, 2013, but you can pre-order the book now. Or you can just go to Amazon and click like on that page to make my day!

It’s always awesome to see your book “magically” appear on Amazon. Plus it makes me even more excited for the photo shoot next week with Renee Comet.

I’m doing all the cooking for the shoot. so I’m hoping my little red Echo will hold everything I’m bringing to DC. Do you think I should bring 4 or 6 slow cookers? A girl can never have too many on hand…

One more thing – don’t forget to head over to the VegCookBook Club this month and cook from The Vegan Slow Cooker all of September with them!



  1. Congrats! Can’t wait to see those desserts, sweets lover that I am :)

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