Confession – I’m a Bad Vegan Swapper

I love doing vegan swaps. I mean what’s better than getting local vegan items from vegans all over the country? Well, it’s just as much fun to pick out surprises to put in the package that I’m sending out!

So all of that sounds good, right? So, why am I bad at it? I am now 3 months behind on posting about the great goodies that were so kindly sent to me. I will note that I am good at sending out my packages, though I do seem to push the timeline a little.

(For those of you that don’t know me very well, I tend to keep myself busy possibly too much of the time. Like working a full time job while writing 2 new books and doing freelance writing…)

Today I begin my amends and my catching up. My first package of vegan treats was from Cat DiStasio of The Verdant Life. She’s the driving force of the vegan swap, so I was extra lucky!

I met Cat at Vida Vegan and we just hit it off. You should take a look at her blog or better yet, like her Facebook page.

She sent me a ton of prizes: basil sunflower oil, mango coconut water, 2 kinds of Enjoy Life chewy bars (caramel apple and cocoa loca), rice crackers, a big bag of Bob’s Red mill tapioca, little containers to bring with me to work, an Asian sauce, vanilla chai tea, and a particularly healthy granola made of oats, flax and quinioa.

Cat, this is my official thank you post. Both for my box of healthy food and for starting the vegan swap!

You say you’d like to get in on this? Take a look at Cat’s Vegan Food Swap page to get the details and to sign up. Maybe we’ll even get matched up before the year is over!


  1. Better late than never ;-) Hehheh!

  2. I’m so glad to have you in on the Vegan Food Swap! Of course, I completely forgive your tardiness in posting the reveal. :) I don’t know how you do all the things you do without falling over from exhaustion! I hope you’re enjoying the goodies and thanks again for participating in the swap!

  3. looks like a great bunch of goodies! better late than never! :)

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