It’s Summertime and Using Your Slow Cooker Is Easy…

It's Summertime and Using Your Slow Cooker Is Easy...

It always amazes me when people tell me they’ve put away their slow cooker for the summer. It’s the hottest time of the year and perfect weather for slow cooking. Skip some of the heavy stews you make in the winter, but use it for beans, lighter meals, and even desserts – all without heating up your already too hot kitchen!

I drink a ton of iced teas and iced fancy drinks in the summer. This year try making the Slow Cooker Iced Thai Tea Concentrate and/or Chai Concentrate. You will truely be amazed at the money you’ll save if you are used to buying your iced soy chai on the way to work everyday. Plus, you can put your favorite non-dairy milk in it. I love choices – how about you?

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(You can also check out the drink section for some Cheap-o-cinno’s if you love your frozen coffee drinks too!)

It's Summertime and Using Your Slow Cooker Is Easy...

Think you don’t do much cooking in the summer? Unless you eat a raw diet, chances are you eat hot, or at least pre-cooked foods all summer long. Make some garbanzos for your quinoa salad right in your slow cooker. It’s cheaper to make your own Beyond East Slow Cooker Beans and if you aren’t using canned beans you completely avoid the BPA too.

It’s easy to make your own No-Fried Beans for Burritos in your slow cooker and you can even steam your tortilla over the beans to soften it before rolling it. Make Linda Watson’s Slow Cooker Speedy Baked Beans to bring to a picnic or family reunion.

The Vegan Slow Cooker

There are even more summer-friendly recipes in my book. You can find these in The Vegan Slow Cooker and they are great to cook in the summer!

  • Chick’n Seitan – no turning on the oven or standing over boiling water
  • Apple Sage Sausage
  • Tea-Scented Tofu
  • Preserve the Harvest Diced Tomatoes – get them while they are in season and inexpensive
  • Beyond Easy Baked Potatoes – make potato salad with them!
  • Citrus Rum BBQ Sauce
  • Homemade Smoky Ketchup
  • Texas Style Tofu Taco Filling

More summer slow cooking suggestions coming up later this week!


  1. Rebecca A. Haughn says

    I agree, the crockpot is essential in the summer time. I use mine all year round but even more in the summer. I can even plug it in out on the deck if we want to eat outside or just want to have it outside the kitchen, which stays pretty warm. Thanks for always great posts.

  2. says

    Great post! I love using my slow cooker during the summer, as it is one of the best cooking methods for my non-air conditioned kitchen. I’ve been wanting to try new summer slow cooker recipes, so I will definitely have to try out your suggestions.

  3. says

    I’m one of those people who doesn’t use a crockpot in the summer, but I’ve never thought about why. I’m going to have to pull mine out for some summertime meals!

  4. says

    Oh that Thai tea looks great. I’m impressed that your “milk” sits on top like that separated out from the tea itself. Whenever I pour the “milk” on top, it immediately mixes with the tea creating an orangey looking drink.

  5. Lowrie says

    OK so i finally did it. this post inspired me to finally use the slowcooker to make my beans for the week (i’m normally a pressure cooker enthusiast)…. um wow, i can’t believe i haven’t done that earlier?!?! that was so easy! even easier than my pressure cooker – and they are a great consistency too! converted! thanks!

  6. Anna says

    I love using my slow cooker in summer – I put it outside on the porch, and it doesn’t heat the house at all! I even bake bread it it : )

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