It’s Strawberry Season!

It's Strawberry Season!

First an announcement: my black forest oatmeal is entered into the So Delicious recipe contest. To vote in the contest you have to like them on your Facebook page. (My oatmeal is the one on the bottom right corner.) Please take a minute to vote for it! You can vote once a day and I’d love to see you vote a few times before the end of the week. Now back to the blog post…

Strawberry season seems to sneak up and that’s one surprise I never mind. I love the complexity of berries. When picked perfectly ripe they are juicy and sweet, yet they still retain a tartness to them – even if it’s only a hint at the end.

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I did play with some at the very beginning of the season which was even earlier than normal due to a warm winter.  I’m saving my infused strawberry vodka for after the closing of our new house later this month. It’s an awesome modernist house and I’m counting the days down until I get to move into that huge kitchen surrounded by windows!

I’m a little busy with buying a new house and working on my next book. (Which should be out next spring/summer if all goes as planned). But I want to make sure I enjoy more of these sweet, red nuggets before they aren’t around any longer.

Here are a few of my past ideas for your future strawberry cooking:

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