Amazing Vegan Meal at Fearrington House

There’s not much I like more than going out to a fancy dinner with friends. The Fearrington House is a 5 star restaurant right in my backyard and the food there always leaves me speechless.

Cheryl and I like to celebrate there as much as possible, which on our budget, means only a few times a year. They do have specials sometimes where you can get a few bucks off. Sign up for the mailing list to get those announcements.

The staff couldn’t possibly be any friendlier or more knowledgeable. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions just tell them when you make your reservations. They all put up with our guesses about unknown ingredients and were good sports when walking into our odd conversations!

Here is what I had last night – all vegan of course! Sorry the pics aren’t better, but at least you can get an idea.

Before the meal we had tiny bites and then an amuse bouche and I did not get any photos of them but they were delicious.

Amazing Vegan Meal at Fearrington House

Course 1 – Salad with artichoke, tiny potato balls, and other goodies.

Amazing Vegan Meal at Fearrington House

Course 2 – Carrots, Brussels sprouts, hazelnuts, oranges, and more.

Amazing Vegan Meal at Fearrington House

Course 3 – My main with 2 kinds of mushrroms, radish, onion, and a beet puree, and more…

Amazing Vegan Meal at Fearrington House

Course 4 – Before this there was a lychee granita with almond to get me geared up for this hazelnut cake topped with banana and orange. The white stuff? Vanilla powder – yum!


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