Tempeh Girl – Artisianal Tempeh From Hillsborough , NC

Tempeh Girl - Artisianal Tempeh From Hillsborough , NC

I have always liked tempeh, but never really loved it. It  tastes great in a strong sauce or in a sandwich mixed with other bold flavors. Typically I steam it for about 10 minutes to remove that hint of bitterness than can be off-putting.

Last week I posted a Tempeh Stroganoff that was super simple to make and tasty. It was even tastier because it was made with Tempeh Girl’s artisanal tempeh. Hers is ready to go right out of the package and no steaming is needed!

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At my talk yesterday at Quail Ridge Books, I also worked in a few words about my new-found love of this fermented soy food.

Tempeh Girl - Artisianal Tempeh From Hillsborough , NC

Tempeh Girl, aka Beth May, makes her tempeh in small batches using a traditional fermentation process and her special touch involves a different culture than many of the larger tempeh producers. This all works to create the prettier and more palatable tempeh that comes out of her business.

Most of the time I explain tempeh as being a grown-up version of soy because the tempeh you usually get in the store tends to have dark veins similar to  blue cheese intertwined with the white.

Tempeh Girl - Artisianal Tempeh From Hillsborough , NC

As you can see above, Beth’s tempeh is free of those. While the color change doesn’t indicate a change the taste, it is easier to introduce people to it the first time without having to explain that too.

Tempeh has a great texture that works great in chick’n salad since it has a “meatier” bite than most versions of tofu. It also crumbles well and can be used in any recipe.

If you aren’t keen to use Gardein or other commercial produced meat subs, try substituting tempeh instead.

Tempeh Girl - Artisianal Tempeh From Hillsborough , NC

Try substituting tempeh in these recipes and see what you think:

Tempeh Girl - Artisianal Tempeh From Hillsborough , NC

Tempeh Girl tempeh is made in Hillsborough and can be delivered to you if you live in the triangle area. She has tempeh bacon and smoked tempeh,a s well as, the traditional kind.

You have to order a minimum of 5 pounds and it’s $40 including delivery. Just email her at beth@tempehgirl.com or call 919-265-8497. Remember it freezes great, so don’t worry about using it all up in a week or two.

Not ready to commit to 5 pounds before you get to sample it? Try Tempeh girl Tempeh at Vimala’s Curry Blossom Cafe, The Pig, Ninth Street Bakery, The Spotted Dog, or at Spize Cafe.


  1. says

    It is also gluten free which makes it a great alternative to faux meats. I really wish she sold this at the Durham farmers market or other stores in the area. I’d love to support her, but I just can’t buy $40 worth of tempeh.

    • says

      She had applied to get in the Wednesday Durham market in the spring and I think she will also be in one of the markets in Carrboro or Chapel Hill then as well.

      Also you can shoot me an email and we can put an order in together : )

    • says

      Hey, fwiw I checked out her website and she states that her tempeh is sold at two retailers: Johnny’s in Carrboro and Jahan Intn’l Foods in CH. I called both locations and yes, they both carry it in 1/2 and 1 pound blocks! Johnny’s also carries her tempeh bacon.

      Both retailers said that her tempeh sells out FAST. Johnny’s has some in stock right now – I’m picking some up tomorrow. Jahan’s is out, but gets deliveries from her most Thursdays.

      It retails for $4.95/half pound at both places, so if I like it after my first purchase, I may be interested in ordering a full five pounds with you and/or Kathy, if you’re interested? Just a thought.

  2. says

    Interesting. My absolute fave is Bountiful Bean tempeh made by The Simple Soyman out of Milwaukee, WI. Since that was the kind I first tried, I never understood what people were talking about when they said tempeh was bitter. Then, I tried the other kinds. Bleah. I live in Minneapolis now, but whenever I’m in Wisconsin, I pick up at least 5 lbs of it!

  3. says

    tempeh is really interesting to make…a little bacteria goes a long way. 1 gram of culture makes 10 lbs of tempeh. we make tempeh in NY and have started making it out of beans other than soy, all different textures but the taste is the same. artisinal tempeh is the only way to eat it fresh or frozen the reason most commercial tempeh tastes so bad is because it’s pasteurized to give it shelf life.

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