Help Vegan Mashup (TV Show) and Food Blog South Recap

It looks like Spring but it’s still winter…

I keep telling you how warm it’s been this winter and you can see some of the proof above.  Those usually come up in late February or March, not in January! It’s a mixed bag. On the one hand it’s awesome to be harvesting Swiss chard from my garden, but it leaves me wanting all the Spring produce instead of making turnip stews.

I got an email today about an online fund-raiser for a new vegan tv show – Vegan Mashup. The show features Terry Hope Romero, Toni Fiore and Miyoko Schinner cooking up some goodies in their kitchens and they’ll have surprise guests.

The are trying to raise funds and you can pitch in here. You can also see a video about the show there so take a look and give a little money. Even 10.00 would help and you know we all want a vegan show!

Last weekend I was at Food Blog South. The vegans in attendance were the minority, but we all managed to find each other. I had emailed with Heather Blackmon of Better with Veggies before the conference and we found each other via Twitter during the opening remarks. I was planning on meeting up with Susan Voisin of FatFree Vegan Kitchen since I hadn’t seen her since Vida Vegan and she found Katie Cain of Bistro Katie. I also got to finally meet Neysa King who runs the Key Ingredient blog that I write for every Wednesday.  You should take a peek at all their blogs and get some February inspiration.

The pre-party had pickled okra, but no other vegan options so it was good we ate dinner before just in case. There was also nothing vegan for breakfast – not even soymilk for coffee. It was good that a few of us had oatmeal at the hotel before going. Alabama wasn’t seeming as vegan friendly as I had hoped. But then Shindigs Catering had a great lunch for us plant-based folk, vegan veggie balls over spaghetti squash with sauce. I had to go up to them and tell them how amazing it was. (And it really was incredibly good!)

But I wasn’t there just to eat. Friday I attended a Media Skills workshop with Lisa Ekus and Virginia Willis. Both of them seem to be endlessly knowledgeable. Plus they supplied tips and tricks even I can remember. It was 4 hours long and I could have listened to them for at least 4 hours more.

They were 2 of my favorite speakers the next day too. Virginia talked about recipe development and Lisa was on the Brand panel with another fav of mine, Hanson Watkins of Indie Candy (allergy free and many vegan products too).

There were a few misses in the agenda but all in all I want to go back next year. Add to the vegan force and think about attending too!

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