Tasty Bite Vegan Yumminess – My Favorite Last Minute Dinner

Tasty Bite Vegan Yumminess - My Favorite Last Minute Dinner

You may (or may not) wonder what I’m eating when there is a lull here at the blog. Sometimes it means a recipe is being developed and isn’t quite ready to show the world, and other times I’m rushing around catching up on housework, bills, and writing.

As much as I want to cook every meal we eat, it’s not always possible. I keep Tasty Bite on hand for a last-minute meal. In my house we call this ‘cheater food’ since it looks (and tastes) like you actually worked to get the meal on the table. They even have pre-cooked brown rice (this is great to bring with you when you go camping).

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They have 28 vegan dishes that are clearly labeled vegan, as well as some that are kosher and/or gluten-free too. You can see their list on-line. The entrees are usually between 150 to 200 calories a serving and each pack contains 2 servings. At my local stores they run around $3.00 each, which makes them much cheaper than takeout.

If you can’t bear to eat a ready-made dinner, they have some wonderful cooking sauces, that can help you get dinner on the table fast. Their Korma, Pad Thai, Rogan Josh, Satay, and Tikka Masala sauces are all vegan. It’s a great way to use up the last of your CSA or just to elevate frozen veggies.

Tasty Bite also has a line they call Meal Inspirations. I keep a few of the Zany Multigrain and Barley Medley in my desk if I can’t get out to my favorite Indian restaurant, Curry Leaves, for lunch.

The best part about Tasty Bite is that they really are tasty. I also love the fact that they contain all natural ingredients and no preservatives.

I haven’t tried one of their dishes that I haven’t liked – however, Bombay Potatoes, Mushroom Takatak, Bengal Lentils, and  Channa Masala are the favorites at my house.

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Tasty Bite Vegan Yumminess - My Favorite Last Minute Dinner


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