That’s It Fruit Snack Bar Review and Giveaway

It’s still early in the new year and I think that you, like me, are still working on eating better and adding even more fruit and veggies into your daily routine. Here’s an easy way to get 2 servings of fruit with nothing added. It’s like 2 pieces of fruit only you can keep these in your desk drawer or even in your pocket.

When the people at That’s It asked me to try these I didn’t have high expectations. Most bars that I try – even the ones I consider to be my favorites – let me down when it comes to flavor or texture.

But I have to say I really like these. It’s like a juicier fruit leather, which at the same time makes it not like fruit leather at all because it’s not hard and chewy. The flavor of the non-apple fruit really pops and makes it pretty darn delicious.

Each bar has 1 apple and a serving portion of the “flavor” fruit like cherry, pear, or apricot. Those 2 fruits are the only ingredients in the bar. They also talk about it being Diabetic friendly since they use low glycemic index fruit.

They are 100 calories each and have 3 grams of fiber. Vegan, gluten-free, and kosher all the while giving you vitamins a and c. Not bad for something that feels like a treat.

Enter this giveaway and you may just win your own That’s It Fruit Snack Bars to try!

There are a few rules to this giveaway – the winner must be at least 18 years of age and that the winning address is within the U.S. The winner will receive a variety pack of That’s It bars (12 bars – $21.18 value –

You will get one entry for each task you do as long as you enter a new comment for each one on this blog post. I’ll announce the winner this Friday.

  • In a comment tell me your favorite way to sneak in extra fruit or veggies into your day.
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  1. I drink a lot of fruit juice with not too much sugar I also eat yogurt with Fruit on the bottom as wellas eat plenty of fruit

  2. I get my extra fruit and veggies in a green smoothie in the morning. It helps me start the day off right.

  3. Sun-Rype in Canada has something similar and we always make our family bring us some when they come down. But I also love fruit for dessert.

  4. I like to mix a serving of fruit into my oatmeal or pancakes in the morning, take a whole piece with for my lunch, and have a sliced up apple sprinkled with cinnamon for dessert…very yummy!

  5. I bring fruit to snack on during work so I won’t reach for junk food

  6. Smoothies are my favorite way to get extra fruit and veggies for my whole family. We all love them!

  7. I love sneaking extra veggies into pre-made soups and smoothies! :)

  8. I follow them on twitter

  9. I tweeted

  10. Georgianna says:

    I love making pancakes and throwing in spinach! It sounds weird but tastes delicious!

  11. Green smoothies are the easiest and fastest way for me to get in a quick (and tasteful) serving of veggies! Spinach, carrots, and kale are among my favorites to include!

  12. Also, I tweeted!

  13. dorothy mora says:

    keep fruit available @ work and often make low sugar added fruit crisp

  14. Smoothies for sure!

  15. I make a big green smoothie most mornings, with lots of spinach and some fruit to make it sweet and delicious.

  16. Terri Cole says:

    I make a a LOT of soup, cold in summer, hot in winter.

  17. I’ll have a green smoothie in the morning, and will use vegetables to add bulk to recipes without adding too many calories.

  18. I love having fruit in the morning in a breakfast blueberry smoothie. I love getting my veggies in a low fat vegetable pot pie for dinner, or steamed with a side of flatbread (or some sort of carb!)

  19. I add veggies to sandwiches, pasta and soups. I love having Avocado Toast for breakfast. I try to keep fruits and veggies handy for a quick snack.

  20. Linda Davison says:

    Only 1oo calories and no HFCS so looking for some next grocery trip. Tweeting @Dutchbrosluv and Facebook

  21. I love to sneak them in my baked goods. :)

  22. Smoothies are the easiest way for me to sneak in extra fruits & veggies.

  23. I sneak in fruits and veggies all of the time but most recently I made your carrot/zucchini oatmeal from the cookbook – OMG it was great! I also throw extra greens in the bottom of my soup bowl when its coming out of the pot hot (it wilts them but leaves them with a bit of a bite). YUM!

  24. I’m following Thats It on twitter (via RSS)

  25. I’m a FB fan of Thats It.

  26. I love fresh fruit and vegetables so much that I don’t bother sneaking it in – just eat it out right! This time of year is so easy, with all the fresh citrus available at my local stands and farmers’ markets; having satsumas right now. Summertime, it’s cherry and grape tomatoes picked fresh from the vine in my garden. Does replacing oil and eggs in baked goods with mashed bananas and/or applesauce count as sneaking it in? Then yes, that’s one way.

  27. Facebook fan of That’s It.

  28. Rebecca Young says:

    Liked That’s It on FB!

  29. Rebecca Young says:

    Followed That’s it on Twitter!

  30. Rebecca Young says:


  31. Rebecca Young says:

    I love using spaghetti squash instead of pasta and putting in lots of vegetables in the sauce! :D

  32. I don’t sneak fruit or veggies… I take em every chance I get… in fact, I get told to ‘step away’ from the fruit/veggie tray at parties… lol

  33. Patti Boye-Williams says:

    Grated carrots can be added to just about anything to boost vegetable content!

  34. Patti Boye-Williams says:

    Liked “that’s it!” on Facebook!

  35. Patti Boye-Williams says:

    Following That’s It. on Twitter!

  36. Our newest way is the often mentioned Green Smoothie. And I am on a “Cutie” kick. They are a great, on the go snack. No seeds, easy to peel and eat. :)

  37. Green smoothies & Massaged Kale Salads – my two favorite ways to get more fruits & veggies into my day.

  38. I just tweeted about the giveaway too!

  39. I put veges and fruits in smoothies, oatmeal and soups and chili.

  40. By adding a bunch of fresh berries or a banana to my bowl of oats!

  41. I sneak extra veggies into my smoothies each day.

  42. I follow them on FB!

  43. I follow them on twitter

  44. Definitely in a curry – I try to fit as many veggies as I can

  45. I follow @thatsitsfruit on twitter @coniecone

  46. I like to get my fruit in by adding it to my breakfast cereals or oatmeal in the morning, including it as a side to lunch, and eating fruit based bars (such as probars fruition) throughout the day.

  47. I like thats it bars on Facebook.

  48. I follow tats it on twitter.

  49. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  50. I eat Meal size Salad so have tons of veggies. I wish I could say the same about my kids, where I can always add ‘extra’. I got them three their lunch box and one part is ‘reserved’ for veggies and one part id ‘reserved’ for fruits. I would love to get these bars as it will be perfect for kids.

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