New Issues of Online Vegan Magazines

Happy Tuesday (that feels like Monday)! I don’t know about you but I’ve been in deep vacation mode. That means I’m trying to catch up on all that I might have missed. I’ll be posting some of my finds on Facebook, but I felt that these vegan magazines are important enough to post here too.

I remember when there wasn’t as much variety in vegetarian or vegan magazines. I gave up meat long before there was Gardein or even tofu in every grocery store. It’s easy to get spoiled when I can get my So Delicious ice cream sandwiches at Target and even get tempeh at major grocery stores. Also there are so many amazing vegan cookbooks out there that it would be hard to own them all.

Even with all the great vegan info out there we shouldn’t overlook the new issues of these online vegan magazines that were released this week. (I also happen to have recipes in each one, so that’s double the excitement for me!)

Make sure to let your friends know about these too!

Chickpea magazine can be read online free at issuu. Or you can pre-order a hard copy before 1/10/2011 at their Etsy store. I have an article about oatmeal that starts on page 74 if you happen to be interested in taking a look.

T.O.F.U. magazine is an instant digital download that you name your price. You can go as low as getting it for free, but give more if you can. My Thai iced tea recipe is inside this one.

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