3 Giveaway Winners Announced

Happy New Year! What are your plans for 2012? Do you have some goals or resolutions?

I always start the year with lots of good intentions and too many resolutions. This year I have a list of projects instead and hopefully I’ll have the time to pull them all off. In fact, you could say my real goal this year is to manage my time better.

So for the winners…you guys are going to be as happy as Cheryl was to get her picture taken with the Grinch on our vacation!

Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites will be sent out to Lizzie (or wickedliz at her email address).

The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions is going to Karen Beth of http://zazazu.wordpress.com.

And now for the biggest prize – a copy of The Vegan Slow Cooker and a brand new slow cooker! (Try to hear that in Bob Barker’s voice…) goes to Amy of Miami-Dade Public Library. Amy I do not have your email address so you can send me your mailing address through the contact form.

If I don’t hear from Amy by the end of the week I will have to pick another winner, but hopefully that’s not necessary


  1. Julee Laur says:

    Congrats to all the lucky winners!

  2. The picture of Cheryl with the Grinch is making me laugh! Wow, the make up job on that guy is amazing, really….
    Congrats to the winners!!

  3. I’ll try and post one of the Who’s (as in Whoville). You honestly couldn’t tell they were wearing fake noses. We were at Universal and all of it was awesome. The Whos and Harry potter World were the best though.

    The first thing the Grinch said to us was, “So you guys couldn’t get into nerd world…”.

  4. I tried using the “Contact me” link at the top of the page, but haven’t heard (or seen an update here) – so I wanted to be sure you saw that while I’m excited to win, I’d love for you to pick someone else as the “BIG” winner. I was lucky enough to win my own slow cooker and copy of your book as Christmas gifts and have been using both a LOT since (didn’t know I’d be getting them when I entered…). I’d be thrilled to pass along my good fortune to someone else who reads your blog!

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