Love Your Library Giveaway

I’m so excited that so many of you have already bought my book and that it’s still the most wished for vegetarian book on amazon!

(Pictured above is the book on my iPad. The photos look awesome on it.)

One of the things I would like this Holiday season is that people who can’t afford to get a copy would have access to it at their local library. Many of the meals are budget-conscious and it’s much cheaper to make bouillon and seitan from scratch. Also just cooking in a slow cooker helps me spend less money by making it easier to have dinner ready everyday.

You’ll enter this giveaway by requesting my book at your local library. The details are below. It shouldn’t take long to do and you may be able to do it from your computer depending on how plugged-in your library is.

This giveaway will last for the rest of December, so the winner will be chosen on January 1, 2012.

To enter the contest:

  1. Fill out your local library’s form to request The Vegan Slow cooker
  2. Also request that your library gets an e-book edition as well as the paperback
  3. Leave a comment below telling me the name and city/state of your library
Some libraries don’t have e-books yet, so if you can’t request that it’s ok. Maybe you can write to your local library and ask them to add e-books to their collection. (If you do that make sure you thank them for all that they do!)
In case you need this for your form:
  • Publisher: Fair Winds Press; Original edition (October 1, 2011)
  • ISBN-10: 1592334644
  • ISBN-13: 978-1592334643

A signed copy of The Vegan Slow Cooker and a brand new slow cooker (I will post a pic later) will mailed directly to you if you win the giveaway. If you already have a copy of my book I will send it to your library instead at your request! (If you and your library already have it I can send it to a library that does not have a copy.) It’s a win-win for everyone.

12/6/2011 – You can also get extra entries by doing one or more of the following. You must add an additional comment for each one you do to get an additional entry!

  • Tweet the following:
    I love my library and so does @geekypoet. Enter to win her book for you or your library (and a slow cooker for you)! 
  • Post this giveaway on your blog, newsletter, etc.
  • Like my Facebook Page

Update: If your library rocks (as so many do) and already has the book and/or e-book on order, still leave me the name city/state of your library and you will still be entered. I’d love it if you would tell me how many copies are there or on order too and how many holds/reserves are already in for the book.

Good luck!


  1. Allen Public Library
    Allen, Texas

  2. Renee Young says:

    Hi Kathy, I requested Chapel Hill Public Library in Chapel Hill, NC purchase a print and electronic version of your book. Btw- Durham Public has 3 copies on order :)

  3. I am a librarian! I’m recommending this book in a program on vegetarian and vegan cooking that I’m doing this week, but we don’t have a copy. I’d really like to order it but we don’t have a huge budget and there are more pressing issues to address. If I win the contest, I’d donate the book to our collection.

    Saugus Public Library
    Saugus, MA

    • Kathy Hester says:

      Thank you for thinking of my book for your program! Contact me if you need/want some recipes for the class.

      If you aren’t the winner I’ll give the option of donating it to your library.

      • Thank you, Kathy! The program is tonight, and I had my materials prepped a bit in advance. I’m hoping it goes over well enough to do another installment, and I’d definitely hit you up for that!

  4. Hi my local library – North Brunswick, NJ – doesn’t carry your book yet. I was able to submit a request on-line using Jersey Cat with an interlibrary loan site so hopefully since many libraries have to share it, they’ll request a few copies.

  5. My library doesn’t carry it yet, so I requested it. (I didn’t even know you could do that!). Sonoma County Library – Santa Rosa, CA.

  6. I submitted a request for my library. Wake County Public Libraries (Specifically Eva Perry Library in Cary, NC0.

  7. Great idea, Kathy. I get books from my library all the time, and it does save money. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  8. Emmy Zuckerman says:

    Kathy, I sent an email to my local library to request that they purchase your book in both electronic and hard copy formats.

    Valatie Free Library in Valatie, NY

  9. Yeah, baby, my library definitely rocks. We already have it (two copies even)! (And it has eight hold requests, woot!) I am actually really impressed by my library, they so often have even the most obscure, weird, items I am looking for – stuff I would never expect given the demographic of our city. Anyway, Great River Regional Library in St. Cloud, Minnesota is representin’!! :)

  10. Emmy Zuckerman says:

    I also requested that my “other” home library, Mercer County Library in NJ, purchase your book in both formats.

  11. Kerry Franzetta says:

    I requested that San Francisco Public Library obtain copies of both the hard copy and e-book versions of your cookbook.

  12. LINCC (Libraries in Clackamas County) already has 6 copies scattered throughout the county, with another on order, but they are all checked out with 25 holds waiting! Alas, they don’t have a digital version yet. I’m requesting it!

  13. My library is the San Antonio Public Library.
    San Antonio, TX. :)

    Thanks for helping me find the form! I asked them to start carrying the downloadable version of your book (since they already have the paperback edition). :)

  14. James DeCoursey says:

    Hennepin county libraries in MN have 7 copies and i’m currently request #30 out of 35
    i’m really looking forward to getting to check it out.

  15. My library, Miami-Dade Public Library, doesn’t have your book, but I tried to submit a request. Without knowing where my library card is right now I’m not allowed to submit a request, and there was some craziness about a fee for InterLibrary Loan on the same page so it was also confusing. I was unable to finish the request, so I shouldn’t be eligible to win. But…wanted you to know there was an attempt and just a very unfriendly library interface… :(

  16. Just requested it in San Jose, California.

    I’m always requesting vegan cookbooks since I like to test out a few recipes before I buy!

  17. Mary Cay Martin says:

    Sioux City, Iowa Public Library has a copy and I am third on the Request List for it. I’m surprised, since vegan eating is almost impossible in this corner of the world.

  18. I just sent in my request to the Nashville Public Library in Nashville, Tennessee.

    and Thank You for reviving the slow cooker!

  19. My nearly perfect library (the Iowa City Public Library in Iowa City, Iowa) already has one copy of your book (with one hold currently). They don’t have an electronic copy yet, so I’ve requested that.

  20. Mary Lou Sharp says:

    I have a copy of The Vegan Slow Cooker, and it’s my #1 favorite cookbook. I made the sweet potato casserole and apple sausage stuffing for Thanksgiving. My very non-vegan family not only loved it, they even wanted the recipes!

    The Ventura County Library in Ventura California only accepts purchase requests in person, so I’ll request when I visit this weekend. I tweeted your note and liked your facebook page. Thanks for writing such a delicious book!

  21. I requested a copy for the Belleveu Public Library in Bellevue, NE!

  22. I like your Facebook page!

  23. Tonya Sieracki says:

    I have sent a request to the Pearl Crawford Library in Dudley, Massachusetts. I ordered the book already on Amazon (arrives tomorrow, yay!!).

  24. Tweeted the giveaway!

  25. I like you on Facebook. :)

  26. Santa Fe Public Library (Santa Fe, NM)

  27. Tweeted the giveaway info!

  28. Shannon Gomez says:

    I just found you on FB and liked you already before reading this post. Would love to have this book. Gonna go check my library now.

  29. Julee Laur says:

    I requested that my library in Cold Spring, KY get your book! And I’ve liked you on Facebook for a long time now!

  30. Wichita Public Library – Westlink Branch, Wichita, KS 67212
    They said they would be happy to place an order.

  31. I’m adding this entry for Jolee

    Comment: I just recommended your book & ebook to my library in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I also “liked” you on Facebook. My crockpot just broke last night, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that this contest works out for me! Thanks a bunch.

  32. I’m adding this entry for Helen:

    Helen Wong
    Comment: I just requested my library (Santa Monica Public Library–Santa Monica, California) to order your book. Please enter me into your book/slow cooker giveaway. Look forward to reading your book..thanks!

  33. becky tarditi says:

    Just requested your fabulous The Vegan Slow Cooker at the Ocean county Library, Long Beach Island Branch, Ship bottom, NJ and as an e-book.

    Our barrier island has one (mostly summertime) book shop, but the local Atlantic Books is just closing their second and only local location…no full time book store…

    thanks for this opportunity, Kathy & all the best!

  34. Just requested it in Tustin, CA, crossing my fingers they get it!

  35. Recommending this book to all patrons who come in (I’m a librarian as well)! New York Public Library has 22 copies of it and 18 of them are currently checked out. Woohoo! Going to head over and like your page on facebook, as well. I can’t WAIT to make these recipes! Awesome job!!

  36. Dawn Brotherton says:

    My library – Oklahoma City, OK carries 11 copies. Right now they are checked out.

  37. Dawn Brotherton says:

    Liked your facebook page.

  38. Kathy Self says:

    My library – Harris County Public Library has 29 branches and recently ordered only 5 copies of your book. I am # 6 on the requst list. My closest branch – Maud Marks in Katy, TX is not getting one. I did submit a request for an ebook edition for our branch.

  39. Julee Laur says:

    I can’t remember if I replied to this…but I requested that my Library in Cold Spring, KY get your book…crossing my fingers that they actually do get it! Our library needs more vegan books!

  40. Rick Cabral says:

    Requested at Schlow Library, State College, PA

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