Healthy Holiday Giveaway – Nacheez

There are “those days” – the kind where you come home and plop in a chair and wish that dinner could magically appear. Those are the days that I take a jar of Nacheez from my pantry and find my secret stash of baked blue corn chips. It’s an instant cheater dinner! I don’t eat like that often, but when I need something impossibly easy it’s a lifesaver.

Of course, it’s great for a quick Mexi-man and cheez even if you come home tired. It’s the perfect topping for steamed veggies if you have haters in your house. They won’t even notice that “green stuff” underneath it because it’s so tasty.

You can also use it in casseroles, burritos and anywhere else you might want some vegan cheese. They even have mild or spicy depending on your preference. The spicy is not fiery hot, so it can be used in recipes too.

If I were you, I’d get a few of these in my pantry for the holidays!

Enter this giveaway and you may just win your own Nacheez to try!

You will get one entry for each task you do as long as you enter a new comment for each one on this blog post. I’ll announce the winner Friday.

  • In a comment tell me how you plan on using your Nacheez.
  • Become a Facebook fan of Nacheez
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    Win some @vegannacheez from @geekypoet for your holiday nachos: #vegan 
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  1. I’d love to try this with spaghetti squash for a “mac n cheese”!

  2. chickpeafreak says:

    Sounds like this would make the best vegan quesadilla ever! Yum!

  3. Probably it’s the name of the product leading me on, but now all I can think about is nachos! MMMMM NACHOS!

  4. Aside from smothering it all over me (too much information?? HA) I would *have* to make enchiladas! And dip some chips in it, like you said. Or find an amazing recipe in your COOKBOOK that is in my hands and use it in one of those!!! (Thank you again!!!)

  5. Would love to taste this since I haven’t found a vegan “cheese” that melts and tastes good.

  6. Love to mix it in a veggie “burrito” bowl

  7. I’m in the mood for enchiladas. I could totally use this in some rockin enchiladas!

  8. A vegan shepherd’s pie…
    A sloppy taco…..
    A tortilla soup….
    Nacho cheese fries….
    A broccoli or potato bake….
    In chili…
    Cheesey hash browns…..
    Scalloped taters…
    Over pasta…

  9. Nachos!

  10. I have to be un-creative & say nachos, because that’s definately how I would use it too! :)

  11. Following Nacheez on twitter @coniecone

  12. I’d dip my nacheez with tortilla chips! Or just make nachos out of it! YUM! :)

  13. I’m a huge fan of fat-free Nacho Mom’s Vegan Queso. I’m intrigued that Nacheez Nacho Sauce is made from cashews. It sure sounds decadent, and I’d love to try it!

  14. …In a quesadilla!

  15. Is bathing in it an option?
    Otherwise DIP EVERYTHING.

  16. I’d use my nacheez in “burrito bowls”- with brown rice, beans, and veggies!

  17. These would be amazing on nachos..thank you so much for the giveaway!

  18. I follow them on twitter :)

  19. I do the same thing and eat lazy dinner from a jar with chips. When I’m still lazy, albeit less so and able to wait 45 min- hour, I throw an Amy’s frozen black bean enchilada in the oven and then slather it in Nacheez once cooked.

  20. I’m already a Facebook fan of Nacheez. Sacramento, represent!

  21. I already follow Nacheez on Twitter. Redundant but, Sacramento, represent!

  22. I tweeted that line before I started leaving comments. In fact it was on Twitter that I saw the link to come to the page that had the link to this page at the bottom of it.

  23. If by “blog”, you can include Twitter (which is referred to as microblogging), this is done…though I will make sure to also link to the Nacheez Facebook page in this next tweet.

  24. ^ Re: above comment (kinduva cop out as I’m posting a comment for one item twice), I do have 1080 followers. If only a fraction of them were awake, and a fraction of those are interested in Nacheez, it would stand to reason that at least one or two people have now “liked” Nacheez on Facebook because I tweeted it so.

    The End.

    Though, honestly, I’ll probably just fork out the $6 and go to Gluten Free Specialty or Never Felt Better and get some more.

  25. I’d like to try it over broccoli to see if my picky 3 year old might like it. And also over a baked potato, cauliflower, tortilla chips, etc.

  26. I would use it just like “queso” with tortilla chips!

  27. first thing that comes to mind – oozing, cheesy nachos. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

  28. following @vegannacheez as @cappytweet

  29. Suzanne Correnti says:

    Nachos, of course!

  30. I would pour it on the organic broccolli that grows down the road! Yum!!!

  31. Plain and simple, with chips. Like a winner.

  32. became fan on FB!

  33. Fan on Facebook

  34. I would make nachos! That looks d’lish!

  35. Also became a fan on facebook, thanks!

  36. uncommonlife says:

    Can you buy this in NC?

  37. I Wanna use it to make nachos!!

  38. Omg the possiblities if I got this , I would make mac n cheeze & nachos. I would put this on everything.


  40. I am folllowing VEGAN NACHO SAUCE – NACHEEZ! on twitter (southnpurpleveg)

  41. I tweeted (southnpurpleveg)

  42. sarah garvey says:

    This would taste great as a spaghetti squash dressing! Of course I’ll also be doing nachos!

  43. sarah garvey says:

    Became a fan of nacheez on Facebook.

  44. sarah garvey says:

    Followed nacheez on Twitter.

  45. sarah garvey says:

    Tweeted about the giveaway.

  46. I would make nachos with Nacheez and I’d use some on a baked potato with some vegan bacon bits (that I made) and sliced green onions and some Tofutti Better Than Sour Cream. The possibilities are endless. I’d like to use it to make a Philly Cheese No-Steak Sandwich or top a burger with it or make cheezy potatoes. I did the FB and Twitter thing. :)

  47. on a nice big burrito bowl with brown rice, beans and veggies

  48. Jennifer S. says:

    What better way to use Nacheez than on Nachos! Throw some black beans, salsa, cilantro, peppers and a heaping portion of Nacheez on some corn chips! YUM!

  49. Lupe Loops says:

    supa dupa nachos, enchiladas, veggie dip, chilaquilies, mac n CHEEZ, etc, some kind of cheezy chile salsa to pour over seitan and or other casseroles!! yummyliscious!!

  50. I want to make loaded nachos, of course! Seitan, jalopenos, salsa yum, and bunch of other goodies!

  51. I’d love to make some Mexican inspired mac and cheese….

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