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My kheer oatmeal recipe was posted on Healthy Bitch Daily today. So I wanted to welcome all you new viewers! (And remind my regulars it’s time to try it out again.)  Also there was a mistake in the recipe printed on their site and I wanted to make you aware of it.

The oil is completely optional and only used to coat the crock in for easier clean-up. If you are concerned about clean up, spray the crock with a little oil before adding the ingredients to the crock. You would never need a teaspoon of oil to do that. If I use oil at all I use a spray bottle and do a quick spritz.

A healthier way, that uses less calories, is to not use the oil at all. Even if you spray your crock with oil some oatmeal will still stick to the sides. To clean it out (with or without oiling to begin with) just fill the crock with water in the morning. It will come out easily that evening. I fill mine with water, then drain off the excess water and give my dog the oatmeal that was stuck to the sides. She loves it and it’s good for her coat.

You can see more oatmeal FAQS here.

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