Slow Cooker Orange-Flower, Date and Spice Oatmeal

Slow Cooker Orange-Flower, Date and Spice Oatmeal

You may be tired of hearing it – but I love spring! The flowers, picking greens and lettuce out of my tiny garden, even the fact that I enjoy being outside again are all great reasons. It’s also my birthday month, so I guess coming into the world with all these lovely smells didn’t hurt either. Anyhow – it’s getting me on an edible flower or flower flavor kick.

Feel free to leave out the orange flower water if you don’t like the flowery flavor or if you just can’t find it in your area. You can substitute rosewater, lavender, or even plain old vanilla if you want.

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Slow Cooker Orange-Flower, Date and Spice Oatmeal

Serves: 2 or 3

**This recipe uses a smaller slow cooker that's 1½ to 2 quarts
  • ½ cup steel-cut oats
  • 2 cups unsweetened So Delicious Coconut Milk (only 50 calories a cup!)
  • 4 chopped dried dates
  • 1 teaspoon food grade orange flower water
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • ¼ teaspoon cardamom
  • Slivered almonds for garnish
The night before:
  1. Spray your crock with some oil to help with clean up later.
  2. Add everything except almonds to the slow cooker.
  3. Cook on low over night (7 to 9 hours).
In the morning:
  1. Stir your oatmeal well. It may seem watery at the top but if stirred it should become a more uniform consistency.
  2. Add sweetener to taste if needed - the dates might  make it sweet enough. Top each serving with a few tablespoons of almonds and some orange zest if you feel like it.


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