And the Winner Is…

Happy Monday everyone! There were 73 entries for the chance to win coupons for five So Delicious products of the winners choice.

I used the random number generator over at

Then I pasted the comments into word so I could see the numbers…

Tofu Mom is the winner!!

Thank you all so much for making this fun and liking me and my friend, So Delicious!


  1. Seriously SO excited.
    I enter fellow bloggers contests religiously but haven’t ever actually WON. SO excited! Yes, I realize the odds are slim – but I’ve been a huge fan of your blog for a while now, and was hoping that would somehow “help” the random generator to know to pick me!!, I was REALLY crossing my fingers on this one ’cause I dearly LOVE the So Delicious products and they’re a bit out of my budget most days.
    Thank you, Thank you!!

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